Robert Downey Jr’s Mixed Response To The Question Of His Big Return


Avengers: Endgame broke hearts throughout the world as it ended with the death of one of the most beloved characters, Iron Man aka Tony Stark. He had such a central and pivotal position not only in the universe but also in the hearts of all the fans and deservedly so as this phenomenon began with the smash success of Iron Man back in 2008. One of the reasons MCU is such a global success is because of the connectivity it shares with the fans. The fans love it more so because of the endless possibilities it presents. Nothing is a forgone conclusion here, anything can happen. So it is but obvious that even after the tragic end the beloved superhero went through in the movie fans still hold out the hope for his return. There were rumours of Robert Downey Jr’s appearance in Spiderman: Far from Home as well as of lending his voice in the animated series What if? But they were all either squashed by Marvel or proven to be false.

The correspondents at Extra did God’s work and asked the actor himself at the Promotion of his latest movie Dolittle, the Big Question. His response was positive and proved to be resounding to his diehard fans even though he back tracked a little later. He doesn’t rule out the possibility but understands that Marvel is in its own trajectory, doing and experimenting with new things and characters and to cement its new path it needs to go forward without the umbrella of their top guns like Iron Man and Captain America.

Even though the fans miss their OG’s they are very much excited with the upcoming slate of Marvel movies set to release in the next few years such as Black WidowThe Eternals and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings all set to release in 2020.


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