Robert Downey Jr’s Interview Reveals His Adorable Relation With Tom Holland


If you didn’t cry when Iron Man died in Avengers: Endgame then you either don’t know the story or you are just heartless. Iron Man was the OG hero of Marvel Cinematic Universe. For 12 years he played a huge role in it, laid its foundation quite frankly made us love it and then left us that too in such a final concluding fashion. All we could say at that point was that we love you Iron Man, We love you 3000. These 12 years did not only create millions of dollars but also gave us the opportunity to see in front of our eyes a literal family. Avengers became a family and they fought so much and so hard, but came a little shorter in the endgame. This family dynamic made us hurt even more, because we were not only mourning for Iron Man’s loss but also Pepper losing her soulmate and Captain America losing his friend.

But one relationship that really hit home was Iron man and Spider Man’s relation. It was Iron Man’s love for Peter that led him to take over this mission again. He was happy with his family and did not want to return, but did so because he could not bear to imagine that Peter Parker did not get a shot to live.

In Spiderman Far from Home peter throughout the movie struggles. Everyone wants him to take the mantle but he just cannot, not because he does not have the ability or he is scared. He does not take it because he can’t replace Tony Stark. This endearing bond resonated on the screen a lot because of the chemistry between the actors.

Holland was quoted “And that dynamic of Peter wanting a mentor is a big part of this movie. Yeah, it’s lovely. It’s a lovely dynamic and the dynamic [with Robert Downey Jr.] is also the same off screen. I mean, we’ve become really close. We’ve become great friends and I ask him for advice and vice versa sometimes. And it’s just become a really lovely relationship for me to have in the industry. Because, you know, as a young actor coming up in this world it can be very scary and it can be daunting. You can get bullied around. And it’s nice to have someone who’s got my back and who will give me some sound advice.”

This chemistry though in a very different way was also visible in Dolittle. It is still present as revealed Robert Downey Jr. in an interview with BBC Radio 1, where he said that he still face times Tom Holland.

Well we like Iron Man and Spiderman a lot, but we will take this bromance also.


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