Riker’s Return And His Various Appearances In Star Trek


Star Trek: Picard has been breath taking to say the least. Not only has it been amazing to see the beloved Picard back in action we all have loved to see the sombreness he has gain brought in the series.

When the news came that Picard will be getting his own series there was no doubt among the fans that Riker his trusted second in command in the second generation should make an appearance in one way or the other. The bond Picard and Riker shared was one of a kind. It had mutual respect and love all imbibed into one. But this appearance apart from being earth shattering for fans will also set a record for Riker as it will make him the only main character to appear in five projects of the popular franchise.

Riker Has till date appeared in five series of the franchise Star Trek the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and Picard.

All through these appearances there have been many epic moments that he has shared with Picard. From Picard being his best man to him saying goodbye to Picard when he is going to hold his own independent charge. The last one tugs the heart strings especially as it literally made people cry thinking of the epic journey they both had been on.

In Star Trek next generation we are first introduced to Riker and his main storylines included his on again off again relationship with ship counsellor Deanna Troi. In deep space nine his appearance is a little weird as he is sort of an imposter. In Voyager Riker goes on board as a witness to settle a dispute. His last appearance till date is controversial because it was on the poorly received episode “These Are the Voyages…” where he essentially watches over the final mission of the original Enterprise using the holodeck.


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