Rick And Morty To Feature In Superbowl And Hell!!


Expanding the universe has always been a profitable venture which at the same time fulfils the dreams of fans all over the world. To get your hands on something related to your favourite characters when they can’t come on the screen 12 months a year. This is the reason why Marvel works, DC works, Star Wars works and Star Trek works.

To make meaningful material out of the original has proven to be extremely beneficial and been the cornerstone of all the franchise in the world. Rick and Morty from its inception in 2013 have proven to be a force to reckon with. It has been critically and popularly acclaimed. With its originality and humour it has made a special place in the hearts of viewers all over the world. It airs on Adult Swim and got originated from a short film by Roiland for Channel 101, a short film festival co-founded by Harmon.

Rick and Morty is the story of a Grandfather and his Grandson going through different adventures together in different planets and dimensions. Recently both of them got included in the Marvel Universe which is a huge breakthrough.

Now Rick and Morty is being expanded to comics. Not only that the show has also partnered with Pringles to air an ad during the mega event that is Super Bowl.

“Getting to wreak havoc in the Rick and Morty sandbox was a total thrill, so the chance to return to the franchise and stay a little longer to tell this story with such a phenomenal, equally twisted team, is precisely why take such great pleasure in making weird, irreverent, and most importantly, funny comics,” Ferrier told SYFY. “Mad science-fiction and devil business are two of my favourite things, and we’re taking extreme joy in throwing these characters into the figurative and literal fires. Rick and Morty are going to Hell, and we’re taking you down with us!”

It will collaborate with Oni Press to bring two editions of comics related to these characters. The first one is titled Rick and Morty: Council of Ricks in which in which a council is created to get hundreds of rogue Ricks in control.

The other one is a five-issue miniseries called Rick and Morty: Go to Hell where both the characters go through the underground having their adventures.

The issues will be released on April 15th and 29th respectively.


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