Rick And Morty Make An Appearance In Marvel


Fandoms love nothing more than crossovers. I know for a fact that Marvel and DC fans would give anything to see their superheroes fight against each other or alongside each other.

And honestly such collaborations have saved lives. Literally, at the time when video games were taking the spotlight off the print media DC and Marvel joined forces. They made Spider Man and Superman get into a fight, followed it up with Batman vs. Hulk and other combinations like the X-Men and the Teen Titans. After the ultimate mash-up of the Justice League and The Avengers in 2003 and 2004, the crossovers stopped.

Maybe we might never get this dream crossover again because of the now, intense rivalry between Marvel/Disney and DC/Warner Bros.

This dream crossover might not be happening but another crossover sure to delight fans happened in this week’s latest X-Men chapter in the “Dawn of X” reboot line, Marauders #6. This issue confirmed that the TV show Rick and Morty exist in the Marvel Universe.

The existence of Rick and Morty in the universe is confirmed by the signature Jonathan Hickman-style chart (a staple of the Dawn of X line).

The chart that acts like Yellowjacket’s report states that Pyro made himself a couple of Long Island iced teas and is in the yacht’s movie theatre watching Rick and Morty.

Even Marvel made an appearance in Rick and Morty though sarcastically where they are mercilessly mocked in season 3’s “Vindicators 3” episode.

“Dawn of X” narrates a new era for both the X-Men and the mutants around the Marvel Universe. Mutants are offered asylum on the island of Krakoa, ruled under a council formed by Professor X, Magneto and Apocalypse, among others. While several factions deal with their own issues, Moira MacTaggert warns them all about an incoming threat that may doom mutantkind, and probably the whole world.


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