Rick And Morty Collaborates With Krispy Kreme


We love us some Rick and Morty. This unique, one of a kind animated comedy has literally taken over the world. People want it and cannot get enough of it. It sort of showed its impact in its full glory when, it became a non-Marvel show to sort of crossover to Marvel in the recent X men issue. And they were able to do it after mocking them badly in their own show.

Rick and Morty has recently returned for its fourth season, a highly anticipated one to say the least with great fanfare. This adult swim series has seen many promotional campaigns and product placement. Their recent Superbowl ad with Pringles being a prime stand out.

Now Rick and Morty have come out with their most unique and innovation filled collaboration with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Give us woo and a yay!

In this collaboration Krispy Kreme will sell collaborative doughnuts and a specialty shake flavour, which will all be inspired by Rick and Morty. Till March 16th the doughnut spread available in the shops will be Pickle Rick and Strawberry Smiggles flavored doughnuts. The fans of the show are sure to go gaga over these names.

But if you feel bothered by the name Pickle Rick, thinking it could be pickle flavoured. Then don’t worry it is really not the case. It is basically filled with flavored crème and topped with a white chocolate Pickle Rick. Another variety to be available would be Simple Rick’s Wafer Cookie doughnut, named after our beloved Rick which will basically be filled with vanilla crème and dipped in strawberry truffle with a white chocolate garnish too.

Honestly it was a genius move on Krispy Kreme’s part because the last time a food chain got its name associated with the show. It literally got its Szechuan Sauce all sold out. Even after its selling out people wanted it more which led to an apology from the co-creator himself.


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