100+ Rey Quotes that makes her a Badass character

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Rey Quotes that makes her a badass character. There are so many Rey quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these Rey quotes exists just do that.

Rey, the fictitious character depicted by the vibrant English actress Daisy Ridley appears in the famous film Star Wars. Created by George Lucas, Star War introduces many aspects of which Rey has played one of the major roles. She plays the leading role in Star War: The Force Awakens, where she was deserted on planet Jakku as a child. Later she gets involved with the autocratic military dictatorship, The First Order where BB-8, a droid and Finn, a runagate stormtrooper ends her reclusive life. Rey reflects a human female scavenger with her homeland Jakku. Rey is described as the centre of the story by the writer J J Abrams, and he was as fond of the character as he portrayed her as the ‘new generation’s Luke Skywalker’.

Introduced as a nineteen-year-old obstinate and self-willed women, Rey always maintained adherence to her friends. She reflects a courageous and optimistic character. In the film she was presented with a lightsaber, a weapon once owned by Anakin Skywalker and then by his son Luke Skywalker. This proves her Force acclimatizing nature. Rey lives on the planet Jakku, where she earns a living by scavenging scraps of ships. As she was cast aside, she always awaited her family. Impressed by her willpower Han Solo, the smuggler offers her a job which she later declines as she always believed her family would return for her to Jakku. Then she encounters a vision in which she sees herself in a battle led by Kylo Ren. Maz Kanata, a former pirate and smuggler, convey to Rey that her family who abandoned her would not return and the only way to find her strength is to see it in Force. Without proper training, she learned to use her powers and realized that she has the ability to use advanced Force with which she defeated Kylo Ren.

Apart from the film, Rey is also portrayed in an anthology book Star War: Before the Awakening which centralize the lives of Poe, Rey and Finn which grabbed the attraction of many young readers. Not only in Force awakens, but also in the Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker Rey plays one of the major characters.

We have dug up these Rey quotes from the depths of the internet and brought together best of these sayings in a single article. This post is probably the biggest database of Rey Sayings in a single place. These famous Rey quotes have the power to change your life by giving a novel outlook about the way you observe different aspects of your life. Hence, these popular Rey quotes should be read with caution and proper understanding of the context. Here are tons of Rey quotes that will open a treasure chest of Wisdom and experiences: –

“I can’t explain it. And you wouldn’t believe it.”

Rey famous quotes

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“I need someone to show me my place in all of this.”

Rey best quotes“When we touched hands, I saw your future.”

Rey quotes“I think I can handle myself.”

Rey popular quotes

“You’ll never be as powerful as Darth Vader.”

Rey saying

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“Light. Darkness. A balance.”

“It’s a power that Jedi have that lets them control people and—make things float.”

“I felt something. It awakened, but now I need to know how to wield it.”

“Do you have something—a towel, or something—you can put on?”

“I’ve seen your daily routine. You are not busy!”

“I know how to run without you holding my hand!”

“Get out of my head!”

“I think I can handle myself.”

“I am no-one”

“Where do you come from? To BB-8 on Jakku.”

“BB-8 replies with his unique phrasing,”

“Classified? me too”

“I know all about waiting. ”

“BB-8 asks for what. Rey replies “For family”

“An exasperated Rey says to Finn “Stop taking my hand!”

“To an as yet not introduced Finn: “I don’t know your name”

“While she’s flying the Falcon “BB-8 hold on!” – He doesn’t.

“As Finn and Rey flee the Storm Trooper attack:

“Finn “We can’t out run them!”

Rey “We might, in that quad jumper”

“Finn “We need a pilot”

“Rey “We’ve got one!”

“To which a TIE Fighter destroys the quad jumper before their eyes.”

“Finn: ‘what about that ship?”

“Finn points off screen to his right”

“Rey: ‘that ship is garbage!”

“The ship they were running to explodes”

“Rey: ‘garbage will do!”

“This is the moment the Falcon is revealed as its a great Ray quote, a fan favorite and one which every laughed at the first time they saw The Force Awakens.”

“Han Solo as he offers Rey his pistol:”You might need this”
Rey: “I think I can handle myself:
Han Solo: “That’s why I’m giving it to you!”

“Which as noted in the comments below, that’s quite the exchange as Han Solo is making a judgement about her abilities and that she actually NEEDS the gun. Whether he’s right or wrong about that is up for debate.”

“Rey had a great exchange with a Stormtrooper that was guarding her. The cool secret about this scene was that James Bond himself played the part of JB-007 – it was Craig Daniel under the helmet!”

“Rey: You will remove these restraints and leave this cell with the door open.”

“Stormtrooper: What did you say?”

“Rey: You will remove these restraints and leave this cell with the door open.”

“Stormtrooper: I will tighten these restraints, scavenger scum!”

“Rey: You will remove these restraints and leave this cell with the door open.”

“Stormtrooper: I will remove these restraints and leave this cell with the door open.”

“JB-007 leaves and Rey chances her arm once more:”

“Rey: You will drop your weapon.”

“Stormtrooper: annnnddddd I will drop my weapon.”

“Rey as she remembers something while dueling with Kylo Ren “The Force”.”

“Rey to Finn as he lies in a coma following his beating he took from Kylo Ren:”

“We’ll See Each Other Again. I Believe That.”

“This is the ship that made the Kessel Run in fourteen parsecs?”

“Are you offering me a job?”

“You. You’re afraid. That you will never be as strong as Darth Vader.”

“I fixed that.”

“I didn’t know there was this much green in the whole galaxy.”

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“I stole it. From Unkar Plutt. He stole it from the Irving Boys, who stole it from Ducain”

“This is the Millennium Falcon? You’re Han Solo?”

“What are you gonna do?”

“I can’t explain it. And you wouldn’t believe it.”

“Classified, really? Me too. Big secret.”

“We’ll see each other again. I believe that.”

“Thank you, my friend.”

“Finn, what are you talking about?”

“You’re a monster!”

“Yeah. You pull the trigger.”

“That happens when you’re being hunted by a creature in a mask.”

“He’s a BB unit with a selenium drive and a thermal hyperscan vindicator.”

“I’m never touching that thing again. I don’t want any part of this.”

“Unkar Plutt did. I thought it was a mistake, too. Puts too much…”

“Get out of my head.”

“This droid has to get to the Resistance base as soon as possible.”

“From inside the hangar? Is that even possible?”

“I’ve flown some ships, but I’ve never left the planet.”

“You got him with one blast!”

“Your last shot was dead on.”

“I’ve got to get back to Jakku.”

“None of your business, that’s why!”

“Do they have blasters?”

“This was a mistake.”

“What do they look like?”

“So you’re with the Resistance?

“I’ve never met a Resistance fighter before.

“BB-8 says he’s on a secret mission. He has to get back to your base.

“I don’t know your name.

“Unkar Plutt installed a fuel pump, too. If we don’t prime that, we’re not going anywhere.

“I know all about waiting, for my family.”

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“We might! In that Quad Jumper!”

“That ship, its a piece of junk, *boom*, ok the piece of junk will do.”

“That one’s garbage.”

“Stop grabbing my hand!”

“That was Lucky”

“I’ve seen your daily routine. You are not busy.”

“I need someone to show me my place in all this.”

“Why? Leia sent me here with hope. If she was wrong, she deserves to know why. We all do.”

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“It’s a power the Jedi have that lets them control people and… make things float.”

“The island. Life. Death and decay, that feeds new life. Warmth. Cold. Peace. Violence.”

“There’s something else… beneath the island. A place. A dark place.”

“Murderous snake! You’re too late! You’ve lost! I’ve found Skywalker!”

“It is. Just now, when we touched hands, I saw his future. As solid as I’m seeing you. If I go to him, Ben Solo will turn.”

“You underestimate Skywalker, and Ben Solo, and me. It will be your downfall.”

“Don’t do this, Ben. Please, don’t go this way.”


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