Remembering Adele’s Track Skyfall


Daniel Craig will soon end his run as James Bond with the upcoming instalment No Time To Die. Daniel Craig appeared as James Bond in the 2006 movie Casino Royale taking over the mantle from Pierce Brosnan. It was not an easy job at all considering that Brosnan was widely regarded as the best actor to ever play he role, and had massive support from the fan base who wanted him to return. Added to that the fan base was a little aggravated due to the unceremonious way Brosnan was let go. Craig had a lot to prove as well as a lot of heights to scale.

It was his turn in 2012’s Skyfall that firmly made him a favourite among the fanbase. He brought a grittiness and seriousness to his role this time. He made us feel for James Bond because for the first time there was something he was not able to defeat, which was catching up to him. Under Sam Mendes’ direction the movie solidified a memorable place in the legacy of James Bond and became the first movie to cross 1 billion.

Another factor that worked for them was its theme song. James Bond have gotten used to amazing themes across 25 movies. But this song was different it made people stop and notice as it had a haunting and a mesmerising effect all into one. Adel wrote the song taking inspiration from the past thirteen movies to make it feel more unified. She agreed to write the song only after reading the plot, which she immediately fell in love with. And you can literally feel the love in the music.

Adele’s vocal range extended an entire octave in this song, from a low note of G3 to a high note of G5. This gave the song a distinct quality. All of these factors involved with the Jazz feel contributes to the song’s sultry and sinister feel. Maybe that’s why this became the first Bond theme to get an Oscar.


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