Raphael Coleman Aka Iggy Fox Dies At The Age Of 25


The industry suffered a huge loss when Nanny McPhee’s Star Raphael Coleman’s mother announced the news of his sad demise. The news was confirmed on Twitter. He was born in September 1994 and was just 10 years old when he won the prized role of Eric in Nanny McPhee. After his breakout role he starred in a few movies like It’s Alive, Edward’s Turmoil and The Fourth Kind. But he more or less decided to give up the industry after 2009. He won the award for best young actor at the British Independent Film Festival in 2010. His last outing in the industry was in 2017 when he wrote, directed and edited a music video. According to British Newspapers he died unexpectedly during a run.

Coleman received his education in University Of Manchester where he received his bachelor degree in Zoology. The idea of conservation was really close to his heart and had worked towards it a lot. It was something that he shared with his mother who wrote a piece on Extinction Rebellion with a remembrance for his son.

“Rest in peace my beloved son Raphael Coleman, aka Iggy Fox,” his mother — writer Liz Jensen — shared on Twitter Friday. “He died doing what he loved, working for the noblest cause of all. His family could not be prouder. Let’s celebrate all he achieved in his short life and cherish his legacy.”

The organisation to which Coleman dedicated his life to, was not without controversy. He was one of its most vocal and popular supporters. He used his character of Iggy Fox to promote it. He was in the forefront of his social media and other messaging applications.

Nanny McPhee produced a sequel in 2010 but did not have the same child actors


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