Quayden Bayles’ Plea Melts Everybody’s Heart As Support Continues To Come From Everywhere


Last week a heart breaking video went viral and caught everyone’s attention about the fact, that how unprepared and inadequate we are in making this world a good place. Quayden who was diagnosed from a form of Dwarfism 3 days after his birth has lived his entire life feeling isolated and alienated because of this ailment. He has faced extreme adversity, but sometimes this adversity takes a toll on him, as he is just a 9 year old kid after all. One of such instances happened last week when he completely broke down after being mocked for his appearance. His mother caught on camera his sobbing and the fact that he wants to give up his life.

This video attracted strong reactions from all over the world including many celebrities. Hugh Jackman reacted to it by encouraging Quayden and assuring him that he has a friend in Jackman. A similar response came out of Jeffrey Dean Morgan who even asked for a meeting with him.Jon Bernthal thanked Quayden for educating him and his family about the world with a meaningful caption. Mark Hamill tweeted that he found the video to be heart breaking and astonishing. The sweetest gesture came from Australia’s National Rugby League’s (NRL) indigenous All-Stars, who requested Quayden to lead them out in an upcoming game.

To cheer up the young guy, Comedian Brad Williams set up a GoFundMe page to send the young lad and his family to Disneyland. The page has already collected 300,000 dollars way ahead of its initial target of 10,000 dollars.

This instance has shown us that this world is not protected by our favourite DC or Marvel heroes. Here, to change something we have to take a stand raise voice against things that make us or anyone else uncomfortable. We have to become our own heroes.


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