An Interesting Theory Explains How Qi’ra Can Join The Dark Side


Qi’ra will become a Sith

The vast fandom of Star Wars has been full of theories over the last many decades, and there was no way that Solo; A Star Wars Story could have escaped being subjected to some. The movie’s release has made loyal Star Wars fans dissect the movie’s events to figure out what lies ahead in future films. While some fans are speculating about a Boba Fett movie, others are wondering what will happen in Episode IX. In fact, the great thing about Solo: A Star Wars Story is that its story is so well depicted that it has made fans wonder about the future of Star Wars universe after Solo.

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WARNING: This article has significant Spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story ahead! You have been warned.

Han Solo fell in love with Qi’ra, but, he had to leave her behind on Corellia. Although he was employed in the Empire’s infantry, he only wanted to earn enough money so that he could buy a ship, return to Corellia and take her away from the terrible life and to leave the criminal underworld far, far away. In the meanwhile, Qi’ra herself went ahead and escaped, but, not in the most honorable way. She tells Han that she was compelled to do bad things in order to survive. Eventually, when they meet again, Qi’ra was working for Dryden Vos, the crime lord of Crimson Dawn. Although we have no idea what kind of bad things did she do to survive, but, if they are bad enough for her to avoid telling to her ex-lover, then they must be quite dark acts.

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Qi’ra has darkness in her, then, so it makes sense that she would turn to the Dark Side.

By the time Solo: A Star Wars Story ends, Qi’ra kills Vos and contacts the leader of Crimson Dawn, who is none other than Darth Maul. He asks her to meet him, and that makes a few fans wonder that Maul will get a new apprentice. The world of Star Wars has never had a female Sith, so this would be quite an exciting element for a sequel to explore.


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