Could Qi’ra Be Rey’s Mother? Solo: A Star Wars Story Suggests That Might Be True


Star Wars is back on the big screen, and with each new film from the franchise, we are faced with the perennial speculation related to who is related to whom, who will switch over to the Dark Side and which character will die. The latest movie also had all of them and new characters whom fans loved including Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke). She is an ex-lover of Han Solo, and a smart as well as a brave woman. Her bravery and strength are quite reminiscent of another leading female character from Star Wars: Rey. Now, this leads us to the question: Is Qi’ra, Rey’s mother?

Yes, you would think that this has already been answered by The Last Jedi when Kylo Ren told Rey that her parents were useless junkies who sold to get some money for gambling and drinking? “You have no place in this story,” Ben Solo told Rey. “You come from nothing. You are nothing.” However, it won’t be wise of us to trust Kylo Ren’s words. He might have been lying just to make her join his side. There is no doubt that Rey is incredibly powerful, and Kylo needs support. Therefore, until they show a real scene depicting Rey’s parents, Kylo Ren’s narrative is not at all trustworthy. Which also implies that Rey’s parentage is still a matter of debate.

Fans have contemplated the scope about Leia being Rey’s mother, which would have made Rey and Ben step-siblings or if Han happened to be their dad then full siblings. Another speculation has been about JynErso from Rogue One being Rey’s mother. In fact, various other characters such as Mon Mothma have been mentioned as the potential parents of this young Jedi. To sum it up, there is a theory doing rounds for every female character in Star Wars universe about how she could be Rey’s mother. This list now includes Qi’ra who has a certain resemblance to the leading lady from The Force Awakens.

To quote one, Qi’ra and Rey look quite similar. They are both gutsy and enterprising orphans, who are good at survival. Qi’ra suffered long spells of abuse as an enslaved servant and became an unwilling female companion of the leading crime lord Dryden Vos. Rey had to fend for herself on the desert planet, where she scavenged for metal scraps to earn a living. She took on and defeated one of the deadliest villains in the galaxy courtesy her incredible Force power. Does that make them mother and daughter?

Another compelling evidence of a possible relation between them is the fact that the website Bounding Into Comics claims Rey’s original name was Kira. While the names have different spellings, they sound the same, and it can’t just be a coincidence that the names were recalled when Lucasfilm created Qi’ra’s character. We also see that  Qi’ra remained alive at the end of Solo, so there is no reason why she won’t have a child in the future. In case she goes on to become a major crime chief courtesy of her bond with Darth Maul suggests, she might feel that a kid is an obstacle in her quest to gain more power, and that’s why she might have abandoned Rey on Jakku.

However, all this is speculation, and we advise you against getting all worked up. The timing seems to be the problem here. If we base the theory on A New Hope as the starting point, Solo must have taken place roughly about 11 to 14 years before the movie’s events (which is in sync with Harrison Ford’s age in A New Hope). We saw that in Solo, Han and Qi’ra are both in their early 20s. The Force Awakens took place a full 34 years after A New Hope, and in that film, Rey was shown to be about 19. Which means Rey’s birth took place about 15 years after A New Hope’s events, and roughly 26-29 years after Solo. This means Qi’ra would have been close to 50-years-of age when Rey was born. Now that is not biologically impossible, certainly not in a galaxy as vivid as this, but, it is unlikely.

Therefore, our hunt to find Rey’s parents goes on.  There are many more Star Wars to come, and a number of options would present themselves regarding this truth. Of course, we don’t know if Kylo Ren might have been truthful all the way.


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