The Time When Punisher Killed Daredevil And After That He Did Something No One Expected, Here’s What happened


We can now assume that The Punisher is Marvel’s most violent character and it has been estimated that Frank Castle killed around 48,000 people ever since he was created in 1974.

There are not a lot many ‘kill’ entries from the live-action versions of the Punisher, but the comic books have a whole lot of them.

There is one story which goes back to The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe. Whenever Frank was arrested, Matt Murdock attempted to persuade him to give up all his murderous ways. It then turned out that Frank had saved Matt from some bullies while they were young boys.

Anyways, after The Punisher had killed Kesselring, he then sets his sights on Daredevil. He then stabs him, after Murdock had pleaded with him. The Punisher realized that he had killed a person who was trying to help him when Matt takes off the mask.

After Frank had realized that the damage which he has done was enormous and that he killed Matt Murdock, then takes a gun and makes his last kill… himself.

We can call The Punisher an anti-hero, but he was doing because he thought it was right. So, this is a very fitting end for Frank’s story.


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