The Inconsolable Wars: 20 Side-Splitting PS Vs. Xbox Memes


Right from the day Microsoft jumped into the arena with the introduction of the original Xbox back in time, the conflict between Sony and Microsoft has continued getting stronger. The console wars date as far back as to the last millennia. They are primarily the nations in the world of video gaming and memes are just about as close to a weapon as you can get. They are the guns by which we shoot at each other. A nasty meme might bring laughter to one side and might be a deadly blow to the other!

Memes are not just funny images which we come across during random web searches. In case you didn’t know about it, “Meme” is a derivate of the word ‘memetics’ which according to Apple Dictionary is “an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.” Memes are a part of our present-day cultural heritage, the iconic symbols we will hand over to the next generation and their future generations to make them understand how we thought and behaved. If you are still of the opinion that there is no value in spending time going through a collection of Xbox vs. PlayStation memes, then you have truly wasted life.

So, when the time comes, and the alien masters go through the records of our primitive internet content to find out which of the two consoles won the battle, these memes will come across as compelling evidence. Then there is the fact that most of the memes listed here are hilarious jokes.

Check them out below!

20. Sony Stahp.

19. It Took Seven Years To Decide On A Slightly Off-Blue X Button

18. Cultural Stereotypes Can Be Fun!

17. My Money’s On Xbox One

16. Minecraft In 4k on Xbox One

15. Xbox One, Directed By Stanley Kubrick

14. Wow, The Rock Is Judgmental

13. They See You When You’re Sleeping

12. Somebody Take Xbox One’s Car Keys

11. 99 Problems

10. Sssssh, Ya Want To Get Sued?

Grumpy Cat Is A Sony Fanboy

8. For Frodo_NoScopeLOL69

7. You Can Get Help

6. Maybe Straps Would Be A Good Idea Here

5. Impossibru, Indeed, Old Friend

4. Achievement Unlocked: Forbidden Love

3. Trenchant Meme

2. If A Gamer Falls In Battle, Does Half-Life 3 Still Get Confirmed?

1. Everyone I Don’t Like Is ______


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