Post-Credits Scene Of Watchmen Hints At Collision With Ozymandias


The new episode of the show, Watchmen had given a huge twist for the franchise when they had added a post-credits scene which reveals some details and also sets up the finale. After having focused on Doctor Manhattan for a huge part of this episode, “A God Walks Into Abar” had jumped to the aftermath of Ozymandias’ trial. However, the fans are now asking what this means for Adrian Veidt, who had been shown trying to escape, but in this episode’s flashback, he is longing for a purpose that Doctor Manhattan seems to provide.

During the post-credits scene, the fans had seen Ozymandias being punished for the verdict from the previous episode, and all of the clones take turns and shove tomatoes into his face. It is a pretty poor attempt to try and convince him to stay in this paradise, but it does not look like rehabilitation as compared to cruel punishment.

We then see him reading in the cell when a masked clone gives him a cake with seven candles on it. This shows that he has been trapped in the colony for around 7 years, and this is the same amount of time that Ozymandias has been missing.

After the torture session had ended, Veidt goes back to his cell, and he reads Fogdancing, and this is the novel by Max Shea. He gets another cake courtesy of the jailer, and they then debate the futility of their existences. Ozymandias then laments that he is needed on Earth so he can save humanity.

When he is alone, he discovers something inside the cake, a horseshoe that he had been in previous episodes by the clones. They care for their master and wanted to help him escape.

Whether or not he actually does get away from Doctor Manhattan’s paradise is yet to be seen.

The series finale of Watchmen airs next Sunday, December 15th, on HBO.


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