Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution to be released on Netflix


Pokémon fandom is one of the most if not the most dedicated fandoms in the world. We love our Pokémon’s, Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, Meowth, Jessie and James. The franchise has a huge fandom in the world. People from all cultures and traditions love this world. The anime touches and supports millions of people.

Another thing that the pop culture loves apart from the Pokémon is none other than Netflix. I mean why we shouldn’t, it brings us the reboots and revivals of series that we want like Gilmore Girls, Full House and Arrested Development to name a few.

There was a sort of an amalgamation of both of these worlds, when officialPokémon page started a thread with Netflix. The objective of the thread was to announce the worldwide premier of Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolutionon Pokémon Day that isFebruary 27, 2020.

A trailer was also released of the fan favourite movie. It is not the first tie the movie has become available for English speaking audience. It had a premiere in Los Angeles at Anime Expo in July of last year.

The response to the movie was overwhelmingly positive. People fell in love with the movie. It has quickly become a favourite of long-time fans. Many saying that the movie can serve as a good introduction to the franchise. The speculations was correct as the movie has introduced hundreds of fan to the fandom.

The film is directed by Kunihiko Yuyama and Motonari Sakakibara, with a screenplay written by Takeshi Shudo. The film is a complete CG remake of the original Mewtwo Strikes Back film.

As far as the future of the franchise is concerned the series will release its next film in July 2020 titled Pokémon: Coco.

Here’s to hoping that Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution does wonders on Netflix.


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