Here’s The Expected Release Time Frame And The Forecasted Price Of Playstation 5.


There surely has been a whole lot of talk regarding the PlayStation 5 after a report from SemiAccurate had claimed to offer some insider information about the technology used by Sony’s next-gen gaming machine. The article speculated that PS5 might release by this holiday season, which is overly optimistic.

If one is not really a tech wizard, there is so much in the video which will go way over their head. For all those of you want to know in simple English when this PS5 may launch, what it may be capable of, and how much it will cost, let’s start shall we?

For achieving a “generational leap” in power, we would need 3 things from the PlayStation 5- a much more powerful GPU, faster memory, and CPU.

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AMD has an all-new GPU architecture which is codenamed “Navi.” It is a mystery as of now, but we have all lived through enough of the chip iterations and know that it may be faster and smaller.

We do know that the manufacturer which was responsible for giving the new 7 nanometer chips will also give preferential treatment to Google, Apple, and Samsung. One must expect to find the new processors in tablets and smartphones in huge quantity.

This will have a huge impact on PlayStation 5 and the next-gen Xbox production.

By 2018’s end, the technology required for a generational leap in the consoles will be available, and Microsoft and Sony will need to assess custom variants which can run in the consoles with their special features, and lower clock-speeds to offset the heat.

This would mean that a late 2019 launch is likely. The PS5 may launch for around $499, and it seems reasonable.


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