Peter Sarsgaard Talks About His Experience Filming The New Batman Movie And What The Audience Can Expect


Ever Since Ben Affleck stepped down from his role as Batman, fans have been constantly speculating about the plot, characters and tone of the new Batman movies. The responsibility of setting up this franchise has been put on Matt Reeves. Till now Robert Pattinson has been announced as the caped crusader along with Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, John Turturro, Peter Sarsgaard and Colin Farrell as part of the movie.

Such inspired casting choices along with such a younger feel has made fans more excited about this new project. Matt reeves himself revealed in an interview that breaking away from the previous approaches he will focus more on the detective roots of the beloved superhero. Arguably this approach can be risky as fans through the years have become used to viewing the superhero as a brooding and angry man fighting against the crimes of Gotham. But he seems to be confident.

Amidst all this speculation Sarsgaard was asked for his opinion and share his experience of filming this movie. He described it as edgy and young. He compared it to the experience of attending a concert by the Pixies and listening to the song “I bleed”. Anyone who is not aware The Pixies is a band known for their contemplative, low-key music. He describes it as having a power of chaos in it. According to him it is not directed towards a certain age group but has the power to shake you without being loud.

The leaked photos from the sets showcase that the creators are going for a different feel and theme for Gotham. It is not very Megalopolis like but has gothic elements to it.

This is a completely different route than what fans were expecting but surely the love that people have for the caped crusader will surely pull them towards the screen to watch the movie.


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