Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners to Get a TV Series


The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit fandom literally love the ground Peter Jackson walks on. Why wouldn’t they he not only bought their favourite books on screen he did it correctly and in a way which made the fans really happy. Even though he is primarily known for both of these, he has age profile of work. He is the third highest grossing director of all times and has directed a lot of genre specific movies such as The Frighteners.

An outlet Bloody Disgusting is reporting that the movie will be adapted into a TV series. Though there is no information about where it will land it has a solid company backing it in the form of Charlize Theron’s Denver and Delilah Productions. According to the report the development has been going on behind closed doors since the last year and the new project might also culminate into a movie. This new take will deal more with the horror elements of the original movie than its humour.

In the original movie Michael J Fox played the lead role of a paranormal investigator who has the ability to interact with ghosts. But he does not take the job seriously and instead scams people. But everything comes to its head when he meets a ghost whose death is eerily similar to the demise of his wife. He realises that the grim reaper is eradicating spirits to another realm.

The Frighteners is a very special movie for Jackson as it marked the first time his efforts were backed by a major studio. All the techniques in Lord of the Rings that he collected so many accolades for in a way got a start in this movie. A lot of effects were used to create the atmosphere of the movie such as Grim Reaper flying over a city. The process of making these effects were very difficult but hugely rewarding. He took all his learnings from here to his LOTR.


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