16+ Pavel Chekov Quotes From Star Trek Movie

Pavel Chekov famous quotes

These Pavel Chekov quotes are from Star Trek movie. There are so many Pavel Chekov quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these Pavel Chekov quotes exists just do that.

Chekov was the guide on the first U.S.S. Undertaking under the direction of James T. Kirk. A single kid, his energetic vocation was so brimming with reckless declarations of Russian ethnic pride and achievements he turned into a genial joke among his bosses.

Despite the fact that he was consistently a promising official with a vocation to hold up under it out, the youthful Chekov was inclined to hot-warmed activities and sentimental connections. While going to Starfleet Academy his inclusion with individual cadet Irina Galliulin severed when she dropped out of the administration before graduation in despise for its structure. A long time later they met again when she and other Eden-searchers with Dr. Sevrin were on board.

Following the part of the bargain five-year mission, Chekov was elevated to lieutenant when he was doled out as security boss on board the refit U.S.S. Endeavor. Allocated to the U.S.S. Dependent in 2277 and elevated to leader inside eight years of that, he was first official to the disastrous Captain Clark Terrell during the Genesis Project occurrence and Khan Singh’s snatch for it. For the following couple of years he stayed one of Kirk’s confided in officials and remained with the gathering in the robbery of the Enterprise to deny Spock’s body and katra, and after that confronted the UFP Council when those charges were dropped.

Chekov endured genuine injuries when time-traveling to 1986 during an endeavored getaway from the U.S.S. Undertaking maritime plane carrying warship when associated with being a Soviet covert agent of the time. He would have kicked the bucket whenever left to contemporary drug, however was spared because of McCoy and proceeded to help secure the Khitomer Peace Accords — pursued in no time by his stunned observer to Kirk’s clear demise at the dedicating of the most up to date U.S.S. Undertaking, the NCC-1701-B.

As per Roddenberry, he is “a remarkably fit youngster—nearly Spock’s equivalent in certain regions. A respect graduate of the Space Academy.” Chekov likewise substitutes for Mr. Spock at the science official station when essential. His advancement to lieutenant for Star Trek: The Motion Picture carries with it his exchange as the ship’s strategic official and head of security.

By the occasions of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Chekov is official on board the USS Reliant. In that film, Khan Noonien Singh utilizes an animal that folds itself over Chekov’s cerebral cortex to control him and his chief. Chekov conquers the animal’s mind control and fills in as Enterprise strategic official in the film’s climactic fight.

In spite of the fact that Khan perceives Chekov in the film, the Chekov character is certifiably not an obvious piece of the group during “Space Seed”, the main season scene that presents Khan. Adjustments: From Text to Screen, Screen to Text calls this “the clear blunder famous all through Star Trek fandom”. Koenig kidded that Khan recalls Chekov from the scene after he takes excessively long in a bathroom Khan needs to use.

Chekov is an assistant in Kirk’s robbery of the Enterprise to protect Spock in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, however is excused in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. He fills in as pilot on board the Enterprise-A during the occasions of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. The character’s last film appearance is as a visitor on board the Enterprise-B on its launch in Star Trek Generations.

Side project books demonstrate a proceeded with vocation way, yet these are not viewed as group in the Star Trek universe. Books composed by William Shatner detail that Chekov arrives at the position of naval commander, and even fills in as Commander in Chief of Starfleet

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“I’m sorry, Captain. I never met a god before.”

Pavel Chekov famous quotes

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“It was invented by a little old lady from Leningrad!”

Pavel Chekov popular quotes

“I can do zat! I can do zat!”

Pavel Chekov quotes

“Perhaps you have heard Russian epic of Cinderella? If shoe fits, wear it!”

Pavel Chekov saying

“It makes me homesick. Just like Russia.”

Pavel Chekov best quotes

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“Ensign Chekov, Pavel Andreievich, sir.”

“Seventeen, sir.”

“Ensign Authorization code: nine-five-wictor-wictor-two!”

“[on the computer] … appeared to be a lightning storm in space.”

“[sarcastically] And I am the Tsar of all the Russias!”

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“Of course, Doctor. The Garden of Eden was just outside Moscow. A wery nice place. It must have made Adam and Eve wery sad to leave.”

“I think we’re in a lot of trouble.”

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“Give us some more blood, Chekov.’ ‘The needle won’t hurt, Chekov.’ ‘Take off your shirt, Chekov.’ ‘Roll over, Chekov.’ ‘Breathe deeply, Chekov.’ ‘Blood sample, Chekov.’ ‘Marrow sample, Chekov.’ ‘Skin sample, Chekov.’ IF…if I live long enough, I’m going to run out of samples!”

“This is vodka!”


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“(After passionately kissing Sylvia and being stopped by the Captain) What can I do Captain? You know we are always supposed to maintain good relations “


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