Patrick Stewart reveals about the discussions going on about Professor X


Patrick Stewart can make people love him. Maybe go crazy about him as well. I mean he plays important characters in two franchises that has spawned two of the biggest fandoms of the world. He plays the beloved Picard and Professor X in Star Trek and X Men respectively. We are going to see a return of Picard in the upcoming CBS Access series Star Trek: Picard but what about Professor X.

The fan favourite professor seemingly met his end in Logan but it is X men more specifically it is a part of Marvel’s universe since Disney purchased 20th Century Fox (now 20th Century Studios).

And as we know an end in this universe is never really definitive and moreover if Hugh Jackman was the heart of the X men then Stewart was its pulse. There was a reason full grown adults were crying in the screening of Logan.

According to recent reports at least Stewart’s ending can be reversed or at least bent. Recently during the promotions of Star Trek: Picard Stewart revealed that he has been in discussions with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and the subject of his character came up.

But considering how profoundly Logan moved the movie goers and how important it was for both Jackman and Stewart. They both mutually chose this movie to bid farewell to their characters. It was this movie that inspired Stewart to revisit Picard as he felt extremely satisfied with the way he closed the book on Professor X.

In the same interview he explained how emotionally taxing it was for him to say goodbye to Professor X so much so that he started to almost cry when saw the movie for the first time in public at the Berlin Film Festival.

It would be interesting to see how it would all turn out. But no matter what Professor X will remain one of the most beloved character of the franchise.


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