Owen Wilson To Appear In A Major Role In Loki


I am still not over what happened in Avengers Endgame. How dare they take both Iron Man and Black Widow in one cruel swoop? But even though it was heart breaking to the core, it was magnificent and epic. Whatever Marvel has been able to do in the last 2 decades deserves every praise in the world possible. It has created a universe nobody ever thought was possible before. It made dreams of thousands and thousands of fans across the world come true.

Though DC preceded it in print as well as in screen. Marvel super ceded DC in every possible at least on screen and it took a lot for DC to come to par with Marvel on TV. And all of this happened because of the experiment they did in 2008 in the form of Iron Man. That experiment made Comic Book fans the MVP for every company.

Whatever the fans want is possible. They want something on a hero. They can definitely get it. On an antihero. No problem. Even villains can have millions of dollars invested on them and quite honestly are they really villains.

The future of MCU is up in the air. With Captain America, Black Widow and Iron Man how does the future of this franchise looks? This has become a million dollar question. And seems like marvel is going to milk it for a while. Because all they have in the pipeline are either prequels or movies about characters who don’t really have a footing in the Universe.

One  of those prequels is the Loki series set to premier in Disney+ the film will follow the antihero Loki, Thor’s brother after he escaped in 2012. It will be set in New York. One of the most recent reports about this show has come out informing that Owen Wilson will play a major role in this series.

To those unaware Wilson is known for his comedic prowess. So his announcement gives a hint about the tone of the movie which actually suits Loki’s character.


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