One Piece Casts Johnny Depp In The Live Action Series


One piece fandom can’t seem to catch a breath this year. First in the print they are introduced to the epic character of Oden and are forced to follow him through his adventure knowing fully well that he is going to get executed. But still we all fell in love with him.

But at the same time we were in for a huge surprise that the people on the top didn’t want to give to us. When Netflix mistakenly updated their page of One Piece. That gave a clear indication that the fan favourite manga is heading to the streaming device.

Though they took off the page but there is a saying that what once enters the internet never leaves it no matter what. Eagle eyed fans screenshotted it and spread the news amongst themselves. But there was one other thing the fans needed to take care of and we had absolutely no control over it.

That part is casting. Every fandom when given the news and sometimes before it start casting their favourite character in their heads. I still remember that the Vampire Diaries fandom went into literal riot on internet when a black haired girl was chosen to play Elena. It turned out great in my opinion though. Good job Julie Chen.

Well if you haven’t guessed it One Piece has a huge fandom. And that fandom has opinions. Even without having a lot of appearances in the manga Gol. D Roger is sort of the centrepiece of this creation. He was the one who formulated the treasure One Piece which became the sole ambition Monkey. D Luffy, his crew and many other characters.

Since Depp can’t be jack sparrow due to all this amber heard nonsense how about we make him the king of the pirates? from OnePiece


Our pirates are famous. But apart from one piece there is one other pirate that has his foot firm into the pop culture and that is Jack Sparrow.

With a refound adoration Johnny Depp has been garnering a huge support from the fandom to play Roger and honestly me and various other twitter users could see it.

And he actually does love franchises so this assumption is really not a stretch.


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