On The Wake Of The Announcement About DCAU Batman Who Laughs Gets Curated


DC fans are over the moon with the news of the extremely popular DC animated universe returning in the form of comics which are soon going to be issued.

The DC animated universe was an unexpected hit and just like Arrowverse nobody expected it to become a phenomenon that it eventually did. Fans went gaga over its series like Batman—the Animated series, Justice League, Batman Beyond and Justice League Unlimited.

It became one of the most popular DC franchise. So its return should also be spectacular and how does such an epic series return. It returns accompanied with the legendary Batman who laughs.

The accompaniment will be in the form of an action figure, formed by DC collectibles. It was revealed that on October 7 a figure standing at 6.75″ with a price point of $30 will be released.

The Batman who laughs made his first appearance in Dark Nights: Metal event where he was shown as the leader of the “Dark Knights of the Multiverse,” where various corrupted Batmen with traits similar to The Flash, Aquaman, Ares, and Doomsdate formed a team to defeat Bruce. As the name suggests implicitly the character was a combination of Joker and Batman and considering the intense relation Batman has with Joker, it was the worst possible nightmare for him.

Another special feature of this character was his ownership of “Rabid Robins”, though it can be said that the character will not particularly be curated according to the comic book counterpart.

It was announced recently that DC has given an order to publish a six-issue, digital-first miniseries Batman: The Adventures Continues, continuing the adventure and bringing in the most unique concepts and characters in the animated universe.

Though it is a huge question whether the Batman who laughs will appear in this series or not.


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