Here’s Why Odin Had A Fake Infinity Gauntlet With Him


It’s been almost 2 months since Avengers: Infinity War released, and the impact created by the movie is stagnant in all our minds. The movie had brought Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thanos who had completed the Infinity Gauntlet by the end of the movie and wiped out half of the universe’s population. But there is one question that remains about this Infinity Gauntlet. Why did Odin have a fake one in his vault?

In the very first Thor movie, we saw that Odin had an Infinity Gauntlet with the Infinity Stones on it and this made many question the possibility of this. Many people have asked if there were two Infinity Gauntlets or if MCU had made a mistake. Thor: Ragnarok then solved this mystery and showed us that this Infinity Gauntlet was fake. Hela had knocked the Gauntlet away and said that it was fake.

A Reddit fan, DraftDraw had come up with a certain theory that answers this very question. This theory starts with Odin actually coming to learn about the Infinity Stones and is linked to the story of Odin and Hela who rose to power. The theory is suggesting that Hela and Odin had gone searching for the Stones and attained the Space stone. Odin had then gone to Nidavellir, and he commissioned the dwarves to create a model of the Infinity Gauntlet with fake stones.

Odin then found out about the location of this Soul Stone, and he went to retrieve it. After finding out that he will have to sacrifice a loved one to get the Soul Stone, Odin has forfeited. DraftDraw had written:

“At about this time he discovered the whereabouts of the Soul Stone and what was required of him to get it: He’d have to sacrifice that which he loved the most, which was Hela. He found he couldn’t do it and at that moment Odin stopped being a conqueror and started being a king.”

Then is the rivalry of Hela with Odin:

“Hela didn’t understand this change of heart; she knew what the Infinity Stones were because Odin specifically told her that’s why they were conquering all the realms, and Hela believed in that power more than anything else. So she and Odin fought; Odin won, and that’s when he imprisoned her in Hell. Odin put the fake Gauntlet in his treasure room as a reminder of both what he’d done and what he’d lost, and swore that he would protect all that he had conquered.”

So, if Odin found the Space Stone, then how did it come to Earth? According to the theory, he had hidden the stone on Earth after knowing that the Soul Stone is irretrievable and the Elves had the reality stone due to his father. He then became a King and settled down and protected the 9 Realms and raised two sons-Thor and Loki.

It is amazing, and it may actually be true. This brings up the possibility that Hela may actually be alive and knows the importance of the Infinity Stones. She might even form an alliance with Thanos or she may help the Avengers to get the stones back in Avengers 4.


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