Odds Of This Actress To Be The First Female James Bond Is Very High, Here’s Why


Can we expect to see Emily Blunt as the very first female James Bond? There is no indication that we will, but many people are now considering this to be possible.

There is a lot of money which is riding on Emily Blunt succeeding Daniel Craig in the James Bond franchise. The bets were going off at 250/1, and now, she is at 50/1. This is not a sure shot thing, but it does show that she has heat behind her. Maybe part of this has to do with her new film, A Quiet Place, which will open this weekend and has a 100 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Whatever the case might be, people are now betting on Emily Blunt for this role. She has the same odds as Gillian Anderson, who has also been suggested for this role. Blunt is very far from the first time we have heard of a gender-swap for James Bond.

This is a huge gamble, but the fact that the conversation exists says a lot about Hollywood’s landscape. Movies like Wonder Woman and Atomic Blonde have shown that people have a huge appetite for female-led action films.

Daniel Craig is now on board for James Bond 25 which will shoot this year, and this will be his movie as 007. The film will release in November 2019, and it seems like Danny Boyle will direct the movie.


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