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Ocasio Cortez Quotes that will inspire us to join politics. There are so many Ocasio Cortez quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these Ocasio Cortez quotes exists just do that.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez often referred to as AOC her initials was born on 13 October 1989 is an American politician who serves for the 14th congressional district of New York as United States Representative. Cortez is also a member of the Democratic Party. The portions of north-central Queens in New York City and eastern parts of the Bronx are also under the 14th district.

Ocasio-Cortez won the Democratic Party’s primary election on 26 June 2018, for New York’s 14th congressional district by defeating Joe Crowley, who has served as the Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, and the ten-term incumbent congressman. Due to which she drew national attention, and this was seen widely as the biggest upset victory in the midterm primary election of 2018. Cortez aged 29 became the youngest woman to serve in the United States Congress ever by defeating the opponent Republican Anthony Pappas in the general election on 6 November 2018.

Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib are the two primary members of the group in Congress, and she is also the Democratic Socialists of America’s member. For progressive platform including Medical care for all, a federal job guarantee, and free public college and trade school, are some of the many things she advocates, along with abolishing U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a proposed Green New Deal and for income above 10 million United States Dollar a 70 per cent marginal tax rate.

Ocasio-Cortez graduated from Boston University with a major in international relations and economics in 2011. Before running for Congress in 2018, she worked as a waitress and bartender after her graduation. For the five-day-long Northeast Collegiate World Series in 2017, she served as the educational director for the National Hispanic Institute and also took part in the Institute’s Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative University. Later she became LDZ Secretary of State while she was at Boston University.

Ocasio-Cortez worked as an organizer for Bernie Sander’s 2016 presidential campaign for the primary elections. She travelled across America in a car to the areas affected by the Flint Water crisis and the Dakota Access Pipeline, speaking with people across Michigan, Flint and Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota. After her visit to North Dakota, Brand New Congress called her for recruiting, as they were calling for progressive candidates.

We have dug up these Ocasio Cortez quotes from the depths of the internet and brought together best of these sayings in a single article. This post is probably the biggest database of Ocasio Cortez Sayings in a single place. These famous Ocasio Cortez quotes have the power to change your life by giving a novel outlook about the way you observe different aspects of your life. Hence, these popular Ocasio Cortez quotes should be read with caution and proper understanding of the context. Here are tons of Ocasio Cortez quotes that will open a treasure chest of Wisdom and experiences: –

“Its part of what i am it’s not all of what i am .”

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I don’t think most of Congress understands how economics works.

Ocasio Cortez FAMOUS Quotes (2)Women like me aren’t supposed to run for office.

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“I think it’s far too early to make those kinds of commitments right now.

Ocasio Cortez Quotes (3)

Our democracy is designed to speak truth to power.

Ocasio Cortez SAYING

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“Healthcare as a human right, it means that every child, no matter where you are born, should have access to a college or trade-school education if they so choose it, and I think no person should be homeless if we can have public structures and public policy to allow for people to have homes and food and lead a dignified life in the United States.”

“I believe that every American should have stable, dignified housing; health care; education – that the most very basic needs to sustain modern life should be guaranteed in a moral society.”

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“Mentors of mine were under a big pressure to minimize their femininity to make it. I’m not going to do that. That takes away my power. I’m not going to compromise who I am.”

“Nobody ever wins the first time they run for office. Nobody’s ever supposed to win their first bid for office. Nobody’s ever supposed to win without taking lobbyists’ money. No one’s ever supposed to defeat an incumbent. No one’s ever supposed to run a grassroots campaign without running any ads on television. We did all of those things.”

“The Green New Deal we are proposing will be similar in scale to the mobilization efforts seen in World War II or the Marshall Plan. We must again invest in the development, manufacturing, deployment, and distribution of energy, but this time green energy. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez”

“To me, what socialism means is to guarantee a basic level of dignity. It’s asserting the value of saying that the America we want and the America that we are proud of is one in which all children can access a dignified education. It’s one in which no person is too poor to have the medicines they need to live.”

“When we talk about the word ‘socialism,’ I think what it really means is just democratic participation in our economic dignity and our economic, social, and racial dignity. It is about direct representation and people actually having power and stake over their economic and social wellness, at the end of the day. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez”

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“It’s disingenuous to… pretend the sources of our money don’t impact the policy we write – you just can’t serve two masters.”

“We have a political culture of intimidation, of favoring, of patronage, and of fear, and that is no way for a community to be governed.”

“It was really my experience at Standing Rock that was pretty pivotal for me because I saw how corporations were literally militarizing themselves against American citizens so that they could kind of maximize their profit margins on fossil fuels.”

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“Capitalism has not always existed in the world and will not always exist in the world.”

“An agency like ICE, which repeatedly and systematically violates human rights, does not deserve a dime.”

“And this doesn’t seem to be the only time The President has benefited at the expense of the public.”

“Any job that pays $2.13 per hour is not a job, it is indentured servitude.”

“Anything is possible, today was the day a group of dedicated, everyday New Yorkers their neighbors defeated Amazon’s corporate greed, its worker exploitation, and the power of the richest man in the world.”

“But me ? I’m going up that hill and I hope you are, too.”

“Can everyday people come together and effectively organize against creeping overreach of one of the worlds biggest corporations ? Yes, they can.”

“Democrats are a big tent party, you know, I’m not trying to impose an ideology on all several hundred members of Congress. But I do think that, once again, it’s not about selling an – ism, or an ideology, or a label or a color. This is about selling our values.”

“Double standards are Paul Ryan being elected at 28 and immediately being given the benefit of his ill-considered policies considered genius ; and me winning a primary at 28 to immediately be treated with suspicion scrutinized, down to my clothing, of being a fraud.”

“For 40 years before Auschwitz, we had concentration camps — things that were called Concentration Camps — what we’re doing now fits very cleanly inside that tradition.”

“For what purpose does the gentleman from Ohio – um, from Illinois, excuse me, seek recognition? that was my first time presiding. And it’s exciting. It’s certainly a view. I wish we could, I wish we were allowed to take photos.”

“Found on Reuters 1 month ago Politics”

“World is going to end in 12 years” (21 January 2019) interview by Ta-Nehisi Coates

“A few more ways to gain traction: – Support a Federal Jobs Guarantee, – Bailout Student Debt, – Legalize Marijuana & Explore Reparations, Baby Bonds. Here’s our Student Loan Cancellation Digital Town Hall…”

“A few social media ideas for public servants looking to build an audience: – Endorse Single-Payer Medicare for All, – Hold Wall Street Accountable, – Make Min Wage = Living Wage, – Cancel Puerto Rican Debt, – End For-Profit Prisons & ICE Detention, – Fight for a #GreenNewDeal”

“A lot of people commenting don’t know how Congressional salaries work. Each member is given a set amount that they disburse. GOP has refused to increase budgets in years to give hard-working staff a raise, which means people helping to run the country are getting paid $30k/year.”

“Capitalism has not always existed in the world and will not always exist in the world.”

“CapitalismThe WorldEconomySocialismPolitics”

“Congresswomen dance too!”

“Democratic SocialismValueModernMoralWealthySocietyPoorLow-IncomeVisionary”

“Fear is not a plan, but courage is.”

“Financial Services is one of just four exclusive committees in the House. It oversees big banks, lending, & the financial sector….”

“For me, democratic socialism is about – really, the value for me is that I believe that in a modern, moral, and wealthy society, no person in America should be too poor to live.”

“For too long, we’ve been told “no” to a substantially better future – that the America that went to the moon, pursued the Great Society & electrified the nation is no longer possible. I disagree. Instead, let’s break past our self-defined limits and redefine what’s possible.”

“Give people the respect of your honest opinion, and always meet them where they’re at.”

“GOP defensively say, “we’re not scared of dancing women!” yet proceed to use footage of me dancing “with the color drained to make it look more ominous.” ?? Spoiler: The GOP *is* scared of dancing women, because they fear the liberation of all identities taught to feel shame.”

“Hope is not something that you have. Hope is something that you create, with your actions.”

“How in the world can we pay for this? The answer is: in the same ways that we paid for the 2008 bank bailout and extended quantitative easing programs, the same ways we paid for World War II and many other wars.”

“I believe that every American should have stable, dignified housing; health care; education — that the most very basic needs to sustain modern life should be guaranteed in a moral society.”

“I guess WSJ Editorial Page takes pride in their ignorance of our nation’s history of slavery, Jim Crow, & mass incarceration; willful doubt on the decades of science on climate change; targeting of indigenous peoples, and the classist, punitive agenda targeting working families.”

“I have three months without a salary before I’m a member of Congress. So, how do I get an apartment? Those little things are very real.”

“I just want to let you all know how proud I am of each and every single one of you. For putting yourselves and your bodies and everything on the line to make sure we save our planet.”

“I used to be much more cynical about how much was up against us. I think I’ve changed my mind. Because I think that change is a lot closer than we think.”

“I wake up every day, and I’m a Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx. Every single day.”

“I’ve always felt that elections should be joyous, celebratory events.”

“If they want to make an example out of me, I will gladly be one. Hopefully we can be an example of dedication, courage, and persistence under fire. I also hope to be an example of not tolerating nonsense, too.”

“I’m not running from the left; I’m running from the bottom. I’m running in fierce advocacy for working-class New Yorkers.”

“In my opinion, if women and gender-expanding people want to run for office we can’t knock on anybody’s doors, we have to build our own house.”

“It is the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal.”

“It’s pretty sad that people think low Congressional staff pay is a good thing. Low pay a big reason why money in politics is a problem – you can make a lot more money becoming a lobbyist & setting up a relationship w/ one, since the actual job doesn’t pay enough.”

“Its extra-judicial nature is baked in to the structure of the agency and that is why they are able to get away with black sites at our border, with the separation of children.”

“Leadership starts with our choices. That’s why I decided that no one on my staff will make less than $52k/year. It’s likely one of the highest entry-level salaries on the Hill. We pinch pennies elsewhere, but it’s worth every dime to pay a living wage.”

“Many people ask what a Green New Dealentails. We are calling for a wartime-level, just economic mobilization plan to get to 100% renewable energy ASAP. To read more, check out…”

“Me: “I don’t think billionaires should concentrate wealth while employing people who are sleeping in cars working a zillion hours to survive.” Next day: “That will be TEN PINOCCHIOS to Ocasio, ‘zillion’ is not a number and I found someone who sleeps in a tent, not a car.””

“New York has one of the most oppressive political machine in the United States.”

“No Child Left BehindNo Person Left BehindGoals For American Politics In Late 2010s”

“Our future is imperiled, our economy is fragile, and frontline communities are vulnerable to major threats from rising sea levels to lead in our water. A #GreenNewDeal is a common sense, moral solution to fix these issues with the urgency they demand.”

“Our goal is to leave no person behind as we venture into a secure and better future.”

“Our planet is going to hit disaster if we don’t turn this ship around and so it’s basically like, there’s a scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult.”

“People tell you things. And they tell you what they believe. And they tell you what they want for themselves, for you, they tell you their stories.”

“Personally, I’m looking forward to digging into the student loan crisis, examining for-profit prisons/ICE detention, and exploring the development of public & postal banking. To start.”

“Sometimes political media is too fixated on personalities instead of policies.”

“The biggest hurdle that our communities have is cynicism – saying it’s a done deal, who cares; there’s no point to voting. If we can get somebody to care, it’s a huge victory for the movement and the causes we’re trying to advance.”

“The community is ready for a movement of economic and social justice, that is what we tried to deliver.”

“The GOP is so disconnected from the basic idea that people should be paid enough to live that Fox actually thinks me paying a living wage in my office is “communism.” So the next time GOP screams “socialist,” know that’s their go-to attack for any common-sense, humane policy.”

“The message that we send the world tonight is that it’s not OK to put donors before your community.”

“The only way that you beat a machine is with a movement and the only way that this movement can sustain is if we start in good faith on shared values of a New York citizen. I think that is where Cynthia and I come together, i very much value the work and the impact that she has already made, due to the fact that she can go on‘The View’andtalk about abolishing ICE. What we can do is tag-team this message so that every community can hear it that needs to hear it. And I think that that kind of solidarity across lines is very, very powerful.”

“There are a lot of districts in this country that are like New York 14.”

“There is no such thing as talking about class without there being implications of the racial history of the United States. You just can’t do it.”

“There is nothing radical about moral clarity. ”

“There is so much fear and hate. We must negate it with active, courageous love.”

“This is not an end, this is the beginning. This is the beginning because the message that we sent the world tonight is that it’s not OK to put donors before your community.”

“This nation is never beyond remedy, it is never beyond hope, it is never too broken to fix. We will be here, and we are going to rock the world for the next two years.”

“We can be whatever we have the courage to be.”

“We have built power. We have organized. What we have built is permanent. No. Matter. What.”

“We’re having a grass roots, corporate-free political revolution in the United States, in 2018, it’s not enough to just turn red districts blue. We need to turn blue districts bluer. If in a district that’s 85% Democrat, if this seat hasn’t been leading the charge on progressive issues, what’s the point?”

“What good are your thoughts and prayers when they don’t even keep the pews safe?”

“When Chardo and I are elected.”

“When we talk about the word ‘socialism,’ I think what it really means is just democratic participation in our economic dignity and our economic, social, and racial dignity. It is about direct representation and people actually having power and stake over their economic and social wellness, at the end of the day.”

“When you look at how he reacted to the Charlottesville incident, where neo-Nazis murdered a woman, versus how he manufactures crises like immigrants seeking legal refuge on our borders, it’s—it’s night and day.”

“Women like me aren’t supposed to run for office—I wasn’t born to a wealthy or powerful family. But we have to ask ourselves who has New York been changing for?”

“Words will never be enough to express my gratitude.”

“You don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to be 100% committed.”

“You shouldn’t need a Bible to tell you to protect our planet, but it does anyway.”

“I think – I do think that we have to have a secure border. We need to make sure that people are, in fact, documented. But that doesn’t mean that we threaten people’s lives.”

“I think thats the direction that we absolutely need to go in, i think one of the things that were hearing right here in our, that were really discovering in our hearings is that we — the real issue with our health care system is that were trying to have it both ways. Were trying to have half a free market system, half a more public system. And it is in the half-commitments that our systems are breaking down.”

“I think the president was unprepared. I don’t think he did his homework. … There was no plan, is this a campaign stop or a State of the Union?”

“I think there was a lack of listening on the ground, a lack of going to the grocery store and saying, ‘Hey, how are you doing?’.”

“I will be damned if the same politicians who refused to act then are going to try to come back today and say we need a’ middle of the road’ approach to save our lives.”

“If the same politicians who refused to act then are going to try to come back today and say we need to have a ‘middle of the road approach’ to save our lives, that is too much for me.”

“It may be politically convenient, and it may make you look good in the short term for saying, Oh were not voting for pay increases, but we should be fighting for pay increases for every American worker, we should be fighting for a $ 15 minimum wage pegged to inflation so that everybody in the United States with a salary with a wage gets a cost of living increase.Members of Congress, retail workers, everybody should get cost of living increases to accommodate for the changes in our economy. And then when we dont do that, it only increases the pressure on members to exploit loopholes like insider-trading loopholes, to make it on the back end.”

“It’s about comparing his financial statements with his tax reports. What Cohen named particularly were the Trump Organization taxes.”

“Its not even like a raise.”

“Many know I take no pleasure in discussions of impeachment. I didn’t campaign on it, & rarely discuss it unprompted, but the report squarely puts this on our doorstep.”

“My opponent has literally called ICE’ fascist,’ yet he refuses to take the stance of abolishing it, which, to me, is morally incomprehensible. Words mean something, and the moment you have identified something as fascist, that with it carries a moral responsibility to abolish it, that’s what I’m talking about when we say that norms have been eroded : that we literally have elected officials arguing to basically retain fascist agencies. And that’s on the left.”

“On the 28th or 29th of the month, you will let that person touch you because of economic desperation.”

“That is the goal. Its ambitious.”

“That was my first time presiding. And it’s exciting. It’s certainly a view. I wish we could, I wish we were allowed to take photos.”

“The reason Republicans hate me so much is because I confront them directly. Their moral — their lack of moral grounding on so many issues, and, not just that, but the reason they are so upset, and they act like that girl in The Exorcist thats like vomiting pea soup, thats like them and negativity.”

“The Senate bill is not a humanitarian bill by any stretch of the imagination.”

“The women and children on the border that are trying to seek refuge and seek opportunity in the United States of America with nothing but the shirt on their backs are acting more American than any person who seeks to keep them out ever will be.”

“There is no such thing as talking about class without there being implications of the racial history of the United States. You just can’t do it.”

“There’s so many people that know that we’re going into the lion’s den, even within the party.”

“They said what we did in the Bronx no one would care about here in Kansas City, they told me I would not be welcome. But you have proven them wrong.”

“Today is the day that we choose to assert ourselves as a global leader in transitioning to 100 percent renewable energy and charting that path.”

“We had been building and building, knocking on doors and doing everything we could, but a lot of the rhetoric I was met with from day one was,’ You know,( Jeff Klein) is so powerful, and you have an uphill battle and I don’t know if I want to donate. I received so many no’s and so many question marks, asking if it was possible, then June 26th happened.”

“Well, I’m female, I’m progressive and the rest, so what’s your problem ? two out of three ain’t bad.”

“What I would like to see in a presidential candidate is one that has a coherent world view and logic from which all these policy proposals are coming forward. I think Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has that. I also think Sen. Warren has that.”

“With allies like Alexandria and James in the Congress, we are going to pass a Medicare-for-all, single-payer program, and please understand that this idea of Medicare for all – this is not a radical idea.”

“You know this is part of a pattern that the right and the far-right and, frankly, the President is consistent with, he doesn’t have another woman, Hillary Clinton or whoever else, to vilify anymore so they need to find another woman to kind of prop up and become a lightning rod.”



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