Nolan’s Batman Universe joins Arrowverse?


The “Crisis on Infinite Earths” was nothing short of epic. I mean it had to be since it was a five hour event which had all our favourite CW superheroes and honestly was kind of a grand send off to our favourite Green Arrow, which I don’t know how I will cope with when it actually happens.

But this five hour event was quite eventful, actually more eventful than anybody thought. It joined the Black Lightning Universe and maybe Brandon Routh’s Superman to Arrowverse.

Through the appearance of Ezra Miller as Flash it can also be deducted that DCEU has also come into mix.

And if all of this was not enough the recent Episode of Batwoman hinted that Nolan’s Batman might also have become a part of this universe specifically, The Batman Begins.

The fans started speculating when Luke mentions to Kate about the ‘Scarecrow incident’. If anyone is aware of the plot of The Batman Begins, this mention can be connected to the Scarecrow, who was working with Ra’s al Ghul. Ra’s was planning to use the city’s monorail system to quickly and efficiently deliver the Scarecrow toxin to Gotham’s water supply, and only failed because Batman and James Gordon managed to crash the almost-empty train, killing Ra’s al Ghul. This case also involved a train.

Now Nolan’s Batman movies though hugely successful and critically acclaimed never became a part of DC’s shared universe. But long-time fans of the Arrowverse know that the origin show of this universe Arrow was very much inspired by the dark and gritty nature of the Nolan’s movies. Though subsequent series like The Flash and Supergirl reduced this effect in their respective shows.

But considering the huge amount of success Arrowverse has spawned over the years so much so that DCEU finally sort of broke their policy of not combining their TV and Movie Universe, it really wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility that we might see Bale dawning his Black Suit sooner or later. A fan can dream, right?


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