Nicolas Cage Is All Set To Quit Acting Soon


Nicolas Cage is getting ready to give up acting. The 54-year-old Hollywood star with an Oscar to his name said that he plans to act for another three to four more years, but, then he would focus on other things a little. Cage aims to be more involved behind the camera as he moves from acting to producing and directing. This is what the star of Leaving Las Vegas said recently.

“I enjoy performing. I like the power of film and performance, and I like practicing. It’s kept me in touch with my craft, and I feel I’m better now than I have ever been. I’ve got my emotions at my fingertips, and I’ve got my process down…I’m going to continue doing that for three or four more years, and then I’d like to focus more on directing.”

Of late, Nicolas Cage has been taking on any movie assignment which comes with a paycheck, and he has done films like Mom and Dad, Rage, Arsenal, and Trust, and these are just a  few of his minor role movies in the recent years. However, he also manages to feature in the once in a while film that reminds us of the acting prowess of this fantastic performer. Films like Joe have highlighted his real caliber. During the promotions of his next film Primal, Cage revealed that his future goals are based on producing and directing the movies.

“In terms of producing and directing, yes, I’m getting back in production. My company, Saturn Films, is involved in all the movies I’m doing now. Directing is something I’d look forward to down the road because right now I’m primarily a film performer,”

It is well-known that Nicolas Cage has courted enough controversies off-screen which compel him to do so much work. Cage has been utilizing the paychecks to revive himself from a huge financial crisis that he stumbled into. According to the actor, a lot of work is better for him as it keeps him away from his self-destructive tendencies.

“I have multiple reasons for wanting to work. One of them is, to be blatantly honest, I can be a little self-destructive if I’m not focused on my job…It’s the difference between maybe having one bottle of wine versus two bottles of wine.”

For the fans keen on seeing more Nicolas Cage works, there is plenty to cheer about. Cage has six projects lined up for this year including providing the voice to Superman in the upcoming Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, something that he was initially supposed to do for Tim Burton back in the 1990s.

Yeah, that’s right. Nicolas Cage was on the verge of playing Superman. Mandy is another of his projects, which has been receiving a huge amount of positive early feedback. However, there are a number of smaller, more regular projects that we have come to associate with Cage including A Score To Settle and Between Worlds. We wonder how many more of such projects can Cage stuff in with just about three to four more years of acting left? This news has been shared by Daily Mail.


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