New X Box Controller Looks Futuristic


A new leaked image had revealed the Xbox’s new controller ay ahead of the official announcement.

This image does not look like any of the Xbox controllers we have seen before and had a flattened appearance and a few oversized buttons. The Twitter user, WalkingCat had shared these images with some context and said that this is “Z.”

There are some details that may lead one to believe that the ‘accessibility’ is the main goal with the new revealed controller. The large black buttons are “A” and “B” buttons, and the top is lined with various symbols which hold different meanings on the Xbox platform. Icons for almost everything from the universal power symbol to the trigger and shoulder buttons on the Xbox One controller can be seen across the top.

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There seems to be a USB port and even a headphone jack on its side, and the ones who had seen a few of the previously leaked images for the new version of the Xbox One’s Elite Controller will surely recognize the three-bar design which is located above the pad.

Without much explanation to go with this image, it has led to a few speculations regarding what the controller is meant for. Those who have been responding to the Twitter user had asked if there was any chance that this could be related to the mixed-reality gaming. According to Windows Central’s report, it seems like the new controller may be designed with some accessibility in the mind of the designers.

Microsoft has not yet shared the official news about this controller, and while it may look the part of being an official Xbox product, it hasn’t been confirmed yet. With the new image leaked, it is not hard for us to imagine that the whole reveal will be coming our way soon.


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