New Theory Claims That The Cable In Deadpool 2 Is Actually Spoiler


The latest movie, Deadpool 2 had added Josh Brolin’s Cable to the universe. But, what if it had recast the future Wolverine at the same time-the one pulled from the comics.

With Brolin playing Cable and Thanos, his performance will always convince the fans that Brolin can make a good Wolverine.

This film has supported the theory that this is not the version of Cable that we all had expected. If Fox plays the cards right, this future Wolverine-Cable may push the X-Men series to all new heights.

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This may seem a bit crazy, but in Marvel Comics, the future superhero, as ‘Cable’ is was an older, metal-armed and cyber-eyed, Wolverine.

The version of Cable looks the part for this film, but Brolin’s characterization does resemble an older Logan. The loss of a wife and child and the emotionless demeanor are just like Logan’s history.

Cable had relied on his knowledge about the future and arrived in the current era to kill a mutant before he ruins the world.

The Cable in Deadpool 2 is badass and formidable, but he is a long way from the Cable in the comics. He is not physically large like the almost 7-foot-tall Cable. Deadpool even calls out the break from the comics because of Brolin’s 5’11” height.

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The techno-organic virus which had turned half of his body into metal gave him superstrength and he can strike with the same force and lift tons.

There is an issue of his iconic superpowers and this was not shown in Deadpool 2.

As he is the child of Jean Grey and Scott Summers, Cable is an ‘Omega-Level Mutant’. He had psychic powers and can read and even glimpse into the future. He is telekinetic and can move himself, his allies, and enemies.

The hero we saw in Deadpool 2 shares very little in common with the comic book version of Cable. The film Cable is like a Wolverine who lost all his healing abilities and he now relies on weapons, and a metal arm.


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