Infinity War May Have Promoted Spiderman’s Spider-Sense To A Whole New Level


Avengers: Infinity War has now released, and audiences know what the secrecy around this movie was all about. Just because people have seen what happens to the heroes, it does not mean that all the questions have been answered.

Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War ahead…

Fans knew that Peter Parker’s Spider-Sense would play a part in the movies as images of the hair standing up on his arm were seen in the trailers. In the movie, there was one scene where Peter is more aware of what is going on than the other characters. On Titan with Tony Stark/Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and other Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter had a reaction to Thanos snapping his fingers. While people started crumbling into ash, Peter’s reaction was different. He told Tony that he didn’t feel good and he then panics and clings onto Tony and pleads that he “doesn’t wanna go”.

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A few have interpreted this as Peter realizing what was happening before anyone else did. Spider-Sense is a sensation at the base of Peter’s brain, and this alerts him of danger.

Let us consider the scope of the threat in Infinity War. Thanos snapping his fingers is not just a villain around the corner. It is a huge disturbance in the universe.

One can argue that a threat so big may be something that he could sense. But it can also be argued that with the Snapping killing people close to Peter, he may be sensing an emotional danger and trauma as well. Spider-Sense might be seen in connection to the physical threats, but trauma is a threat and can cause physical issues for anyone.

Avengers: Infinity War may be redefining Peter’s Spider-sense in the MCU. As we have all been seeing in the MCU, none of the characters are exact copies of their comic book sources.

There are some differences, and this opens the door for Peter to have a refined Spider-Sense. We must note that when he gets the Iron Spider Suit, Peter reveals that it is intuitive. As Peter is wearing the suit when Thanos snaps his fingers, it is possible that the suit has enhanced his Spider-Sense.


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