New News Regarding Captain Marvel Comes Forth


Captain Marvel proved to be one of the most acclaimed movies by MCU after its release. It was one of the three movies from MCU to release last year. It was the first mvie of the thre and man did it set the benchmark.

Fans for years were asking for a Female superhero centric movie from Marvel and most of them thought it would come in the form of a Black widow solo movie, considering the long-time Johansson’s character has been the part of this universe. Therefore when the announcement of Captain Marvel was made fans were both appalled and shocked. They were appalled by the fact that it was Captain Marvel that was going to get the solo treatment ahead of Black Widow but they were happy about the fact that they will have such a legendary hero in the universe.

The film received a lot of praise both for its plot and actors which included Brie Larson and the legendary Samuel L. Jackson who was de aged considerably in this film to suit the timeline. The success of the first movie sanctioned it a sequel which is expected to release in 2022.

Recently a piece of news was revealed regarding the sequel, which stated that it will be set in the present time. As we saw in endgame Captain Marvel is still alive and well. She still continues to be one of the most powerful heroes of the universe handling not only the problems of the Earth but also different intergalactic disputes. A film in the present time featuring her is very much possible.

But since the infinity saga of the MCU has ended it is chartering undefined territories. People don’t really know what to expect. How will the world go forward? All we know is that in the present world Peter Parker aka Spiderman is on the run, other than that we don’t have any idea. But before 2022 it is expected that a clear picture will come forth with a number of movies and TV series gearing up for release during this time.

Additional news suggests that Marvel is looking for Female directors for their new Captain Marvel movie seeing the success female led projects have given them.


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