New Leaks Come From The Falcon And The Winter Soldier


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is one of the many anticipated shows on Disney+ right now. Disney over the course of last 10 years has really changed the landscape of Cinema. They got a hold of two of the highest grossing franchises in the world- in the form of Star Wars and Marvel. And man are they using both to milk their streaming service.

With a slew of revivals Disney+ is set up for a more than amazing performance. But the MCU shows are set to give them an edge that will differ them from everyone else in the business.

The MCU is truly in a transformative stage they just finished their infinity saga with a literal bang resulting in the highest grossing movie of all times. But that movie not only brought an end to nany storylines but also many characters. Though some ends seemed definitive like Iron Man and Black Widow. Some were emotional like in the case of Steve Rogers. He literally hung his shield down and put a stop to his superhero duties. He gave the mantle to Falcon.An extremely huge responsibility we will see in the upcoming series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier how he deals with it.

We got the first look of the series during the Superbowl bowl where we see Falcon throwing the iconic shield. Though no other news has since then come around but certain leaks  recently shows that maybe someone else altogether will get the credit of being Captain America.

In the leak we have a  US Army Ad with, a slogan reading “Cap is Back,” which features Russell’s character otherwise known as US Agent at the forefront of what seems like a recruiting tactic.

But even if just momentarily the shield is with the Agent, it is bound to come back to Falcon as we see him throwing that very heavy shield in the promos.


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