New Images Come Out Of Reeves’ Batman


People are very quick to point towards the failures of DC as far as their screen adaptations go. But they have succeeded to a certain extent with it in the last few years with movies like Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Shazam! But still their success is still not cemented because unfortunately they have not gotten their core heroes correct. The success of Wonder Woman was a delight, but that same emotion could not be replicated for heroes like Batman, Superman and Green Lantern. Though the fact that The Greg Berlanti’s Green Lantern did not work is amusing, the reason behind the dismissal of Superman and Batman is unclear.

They have gotten amazing actors and directors to do the project, but unfortunately something or the other has not clicked. Sometimes it is either the tone or other times it is the chemistry. But after the phenomenal success both critically and commercially that they have experienced recently, DC must be feeling rejuvenated and recharged to produce new and better projects centring their iconic Superheroes. One of the most highly anticipated of them all is the upcoming Batman movie from Matt Reeves starring Robert Pattinson as the crusader. This movie has been in the pipeline for the longest time, with at first having Affleck as the star. Then it underwent a complete revamp and now has officially gone on the floor.

Batman is one of DC’s most popular properties, so if they get it right they could really set their legacy really well. Recently we got a glimpse of Pattinson’s look as Batman. The costume has intense detailing hinting towards influence from Arkham and a heart breaking story from his childhood.

Now we have gotten a glimpse of the suit in daylight and unfortunately it does not have a cape. But the Batcycle, is amazing. The persona in the shots is Pattinson’s stunt double, so we can accept some high stakes adventure in the movie.


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