Netflix Releases Umbrella Academy Posters


Netflix is gearing towards a very interesting year. With news coming from left, right and centre about their new projects they are surely keeping the viewers on their toes more than ever. They already have a great slate of shows and offers a lot of Varity. Whether you are looking for quirky or weird, superheroes or Animes, you will find a home here. One of its breakout hit of last year The Umbrella Academy was huge in encouraging Netflix to give that push towards variety and unique storytelling.

Launching of that series on the platform was a huge risk for both the stream service as well as the comics since it as attempts to make it continued to hit roadblocks since 2015. But a release and adaptation happened and that too in a very successful manner. Umbrella Academy became a huge hit and was watched by 45 million viewers and this viewership from the fans was important as it was a project that did not get a renewal before the premier. So this viewership played a key role in getting that renewal. The thing with Netflix shows that boggles everyone’s mind but at the same time ensures good quality is the timing between two seasons. Since they don’t have a fall or summer schedule to maintain, they take their sweet time. But this sweet time kills the fans as it has been doing to Umbrella Academy fans.









When Are They?

But the wait now should get over as Netflix has kick-started their promotional campaign by releasing pictures of the seven main characters aka the kids. Not actually a picture but their eyes on Umbrella with the message that follows the seven posters ‘when are they?’ this poster includes number 2 as well. Though a release date has not been announced this is pre-emptive of the show releasing very soon.


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