Netflix Creating Two Animes For Its Viewers


Every network and production, now wants to have its own streaming service because of the huge market it provides. But who created this huge market, and how exactly did it become a multi-million dollar churning machinery. The path that HBO Max and Disney+ are walking in was created by Netflix and Hulu. More so Netflix broke grounds by the content it created and encouraged. Witcher is a series people have been looking forward for decades but nothing ever came for it even after its cult like following because making it would have been a huge investment, one networks didn’t want to commit to and Big Screen couldn’t possibly fit its complicated and integrated storyline.

So which medium was the answer? Netflix. Netflix had the perfect capacity and investment to make it come true. Thus we got the perfect phenomenon of the season.

Netflix also unlike other networks has more of a penchant towards taking risks. They invest and churn out programmes of a variety of genres. Whether it is as weird like Sex Education, quirky like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or animes like Castlevania.

At first people didn’t understand the combination of Netflix and Animes but after seeing the product and how good and masterful Netflix was in creating it fans wanted more and it seems like Netflix is ready to give more.

After Sonic the hedgehog’s success there is no doubt that there is huge market for video game adaptation and Netflix is ready to use it through its two new offerings- a Diablo anime series as well as an Overwatch cartoon.

The news came from the LinkedIn page of Activision Blizzard Studios co-president Nick van Dyk where it is mentioned that he is involved in the development of Diablo. It also mentioned that he has created and sold an animated series based on Blizzard’s Overwatch franchise. Though the buyer is not mentioned Netflix seems like a good bet.

If this news is true these animes join the Witcher anime in development at Netflix.


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