100+ Napoleon Dynamite Quotes From Napoleon Dynamite Movie

NapoleoNapoleon Dynamite best quotesn Dynamite best quotes

These Napoleon Dynamite quotes are from the Napoleon Dynamite movie. There are so many Napoleon Dynamite quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these Napoleon Dynamite quotes exists just do that.

Napoleon Dynamite is a socially unbalanced 16-year-old kid from Preston, Idaho, who lives with his grandma, Carlinda Dynamite, and his more established sibling, Kipling Ronald “Kip” Dynamite. Kip, , is jobless and gloats of going through hours on Internet talk rooms with his lady friends and seeking to be a confine warrior.

Napoleon stares off into space his way through school, doodling ligers and dream animals and reluctantly manages the different harassers who torment him, especially the unsavory games athlete Don and the school menace Randy. Napoleon likes to make up anecdotes about himself and his stunning “aptitudes” while having a grim and unapproachable character.

Napoleon’s grandma breaks her coccyx in a quad-bicycle mishap and requests that their Uncle Rico care for the young men while she recuperates. Rico, a moderately aged and coy steak-cherishing previous competitor who lives in a campervan, treats Napoleon like a tyke.

He utilizes the meeting chance to collaborate with Kip in a pyramid scheme to offer things entryway to-entryway. Kip needs cash to visit his Internet sweetheart LaFawnduh, while Rico accepts wealth will enable him to get over his bombed dreams of NFL fame and his ongoing separation with his better half.

Napoleon moves toward becoming companions with two understudies at his school: Deb, a modest young lady who runs different private ventures to fund-raise for school, and Pedro, a strong yet quiet student from another school from Juarez, Mexico. Arrangements start for the secondary school move. Pedro asks Summer Wheatley, a mainstream and pretentious young lady, to be his move accomplice, yet is repelled. He at that point asks Deb, who happily acknowledges.

Pedro urges a resentful Napoleon to discover a date for himself, and he picks an alluring and well known schoolmate, Trisha, from the school yearbook. As a blessing, he draws an accidentally terrible image of her and conveys it to Trisha’s mom, who is one of Rico’s clients.

Rico recounts to humiliating tales about Napoleon to bring out compassion from Trisha’s mom, who purchases his products and powers Trisha to reluctantly acknowledge Napoleon’s welcome. Trisha shows up at the hit the dance floor with Napoleon however before long relinquishes him, making Deb hit the dance floor with Napoleon out of pity.

We have dug up these Napoleon Dynamite quotes from the depths of the internet and brought together best of these sayings in a single article. This post is probably the biggest database of Napoleon Dynamite Sayings in a single place. These famous Napoleon Dynamite quotes have the power to change your life by giving a novel outlook about the way you observe different aspects of your life. Hence, these popular Napoleon Dynamite quotes should be read with caution and proper understanding of the context. Here are tons of Napoleon Dynamite quotes that will open a treasure chest of Wisdom and experiences:-

“No, she doesn’t know anything. Will you just come get me?”

Napoleon Dynamite best quotes

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“This is pretty much the worst video ever made.”

Napoleon Dynamite famous quotes

“Deb just called me. She pretty much hates me by now.”

Napoleon Dynamite popular quotes

“Hey can I use your guys’s phone for a sec?”

Napoleon Dynamite quotes

“You got like three feet of air that time. Can I try it real quick?”

Napoleon Dynamite saying

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“Nunchaku skills… bowhunting skills… computer hacking skills… Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills!”

“That one looks like a medieval warrior.”

“My lips hurt real bad.

“I caught you a delicious bass.”

“Do the chickens have large talons?”

“Pedro offers you his protection.”

“Yeah, hold on… I forgot to put in the crystals.”

“Yeah, there’s like a butt-load of gangs at this school. This one gang kept wanting me to join ’cause I’m pretty good with a bo staff.”

“[To Deb] I see you’re drinking 1%. Is that ’cause you think you’re fat? Because you’re not. You could be drinking whole if you wanted to. Well, I have all your equipment in my locker. You should probably come get it cause I can’t fit my nunchakus in there anymore.”

“[While hitting a tetherball repeatedly] YES! YES! YES!”

“[To Trisha over the phone] It took me, like, 3 hours to finish the shading on your upper lip. It’s pretty much the best drawing I’ve ever done.”

“Are you guys having a killer time?”

“[To Deb] I like your sleeves… they’re real big.”

“[To Pedro] Just listen to your heart. That’s what I do.”

“What the heck are you even talking about?”

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“Tina, you fat lard! Come get some dinner! Tina, eat. Eat the food. EAT THE FOOD!”

“Tina, come get some ham!”

“Sorry I’m late. I just got done taming a wild honeymoon stallion for you guys.”

“[To Kip and LaFawnduh at wedding] I hope you guys’ experiences are unforgettable.”

“[To Kip and LaFawnduh] LUCKY!”

“Why don’t you go eat a decroded piece of crap!”

“What are you doing here, Uncle Rico?”

“Because my uncle Rico’s an IDIOT.”

“No. Not unless she likes fish.”

“[taunting a bully] Oh yeah? Who’s the only one here who knows secret Ninja moves from the government?”

“You guys are retarded!”

“I don’t feel very good.”

“Is grandma there?”

“Can you just go get her for me?”

“Just tell her to come get me.”

“Cause I don’t feel good!”

“Well, will you do me a favor then? Can you bring me my chapstick?”

“But my lips hurt real bad!”

“I’m not gonna use hers, you sicko!”

“Uh! Idiot!”

“[speaking to Pedro and Deb] Are you guys having a killer time?”

“Sorry I’m late. I just got done taming a wild honeymoon stallion for you guys.”

“[to Pedro] Just follow your heart. That’s what I do.”

“Grandma just called and said you’re supposed to go home.”

“Too bad, she said she doesn’t want you here when she gets back because you’ve been ruining everybody’s lives and eating all our steak.”

“Get off my property or I’ll call the cops on you.”

“Maybe I will, GOSH!”

“[Napoleon takes the photo and looks at it] This is a girl.”

“I already get my hair cut at the Cuttin’ Corral.”

“I already made like infinity of those at scout camp.”

“Ugh. Kip hasn’t done flipping anything today!”

“Have you guys tried it yet?”

“What the crap was Uncle Rico doin’ at my girlfriend’s house?”

“What the heck are you guys doin’? Tryin’ to ruin my life and make me look like a freakin’ idiot?”

“A little bit.”

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“Well, nobody’s going to go out with *me*!”

“No, but who would? I don’t even have any good skills.”

“You know, like numchuku skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills… Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills!”

“Yes… Probably the best that I know of.”

“That’s a pretty good idea.”

“So, we’re pretty much friends by now, right?”

“So, you got my back and everything, right?”

“I have all your equipment in my locker. You should probably come get it cause I can’t fit my numchucks in there anymore.”

“Heck yes I did!”

“Hey, is that a new kid or something?”

“I like your sleeves. They’re real big.”

“So are you and Pedro getting really serious now?”

“My old girlfriend from Oklahoma was gonna fly out for the dance but she couldn’t cause she’s doing some modeling right now.”

“See for yourself.”

“Yeah, I took her to the mall to get some glamour shots for her birthday one year.”

“Who are you?”

“What are you doing here?”

“I’ve been practicing.”

“Some dance moves.”

“Yeah, hold on… I forgot to put in the crystals.”

“That one’s good. It looks like a medieval warrior.”

“Sweet! Plus I could be your bodyguard, too. Or like, Secret Service Captain, or… whatever…”

“Just like a silk shirt or something. What are you gonna wear?”

“[Using the time machine, which is an electric probe between his legs] Ow! Ow! Ow! Kill the pow… It kills! My pack! Ow! Turn it off! Turn it off, Kip!”

“It’s a piece of crap it doesn’t work!”

“Yeah, right, I’m not voting for her.”

“I’m voting for Pedro Sanchez, who do you think?”

“Hey, Don. Can I have one of those buttons?”

“[Napoleon tosses it across the hall, stares at Don, and runs away] ”

“Pedro, how do you feel about that one?”

“Yeah, it looks pretty sweet. It looks awesome. That suit, it’s… it’s incredible.”

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“My woman I’m taking to the dance.”

“Heck yes I did.”

“[Napoleon walks up to Trisha’s house to ask her out] Is Trisha here?”

“Could you just give this to her for me?”

“You wanna play me?”

“Napoleon Dynamite.”

“Napoleon Dynamite. I’m one of Pedro’s best friends.”

“Just tell them that their wildest dreams will come true if they vote for you.”

“How long did it take you to grow that moustache?”

“Pedro : A couple of days.”

“Napoleon Dynamite : What the heck are you even talking about?”

“Napoleon sits down with Pedro at lunch] Where have you been?”

“Has Summer said anything to you yet?”

“Well, she said no.”

“What other girl?”

“You mean Deb?”

“What about her?”


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