Nakita Pearl Waligwa of Queen Of Katwe Dies At The Age Of Fifteen


In this era of Reboots, Revivals and Sequels. It is very difficult to go in the movie market and find something original that really touches your heart. It has all become very generic in a way. Don’t consider this as a blatant disapproval of Superheroes or sci fi, but a nod towards the fact that we are missing serious emotions from the movies. But like flickers of light emotions also appear in such generic landscapes. Such an emotion filled rollercoaster was Queen of Katwe. The movie was based on the real life story of the chess player Phiona Mutesi.

Queen of Katwe was one of its kind. It had passion from the beginning to the end. The passion of Phiona to make something of herself for her family and Robert Katende to elevate his children through chess was clearly visible. It had emotions in its every nook and corner. Many critics called the movie as something that was uncommonly smart and extremely passionate. More than anything the movie achieved success because of the chemistry between the cast. This success led to a dedicated fandom.

But this dedicated fandom and lovely cast faced a huge shock when it was reported that Nakita Pearl Waligwa, who played Phiona’s friend Gloria in the movie has died. She was just fifteen years old. But in this young age she was fighting a battle no one should even imagine. She was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The Ugandan actress went for a treatment in India and made a full recovery in 2016. But due to a cruel blow of destiny the tumour returned in 2017 and this time Nakita lost the battle. David Oyelowo who was Nakita’s co-star in the movie was one of the first ones to give reaction to his news.  He called her a ball of light and declared that her light will live on.


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