50 Must Movies To Watch When You Are Stoned As Hell


Stoner motion pictures have made their very own market starting during the 1970s, when the first stoner flick hit movie theaters. After some time the pot-cherishing film Up in Smoke has progressed from a weeded up memory to one of High Times’ exemplary weed motion pictures. Have you known about Cheech and Chong, man? These zoned out on-screen characters made ready for a relentless arrival of stoner films that no hillbilly could refuse to resist.

As weed has gotten increasingly acknowledged and standard, progressively brainless stoner comedies have hit the scene. Exactly when we figured James Franco couldn’t eclipse himself as the quintessential pothead in Pineapple Express, he made a rebound in – This is the End. In the wake of getting very high, Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel hit up an unusual James Franco local gathering, where Seth battles to combine his old and new companions as the world goes to finish poo. A gigantic damnation opening swallows the vast majority of the gathering, leaving the survivors to battle about weed, a Milky Way, and who’s permitted to jizz in Franco’s place.

For even more a return, Harold and Kumar’s weed set of three stays an absolute necessity smoke and see. Just be cautioned, there’s similarly as much 3D trippy moments as there is cannabis in – A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas. What’s more, actor and rapper, Ice Cube completed the content for Last Friday, the fourth film in the Friday establishment. Expedite the joints or your bong. So in the event that you have the opportunity, since who are you joking, you have the opportunity, prepare your munchies and watch through these 50 must movies to watch when you are stoned as hell.

The best stoner motion pictures in film history are the absolute most interesting, generally marvelous, coolest, and craziest. Those are the breaks with weed, man. Gracious no doubt, weed motion pictures: a portion of the motion pictures on this rundown of the 50 best stoner films are among the best motion pictures ever and highlight probably the most persuasive stoners in the entirety of film. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a crazy minute in motion pictures or something so clever you’ll chuckle regardless of whether you’re not stoned, these incredible films with weed have a touch of something for everybody.

50. Death Race 2000

In the year 2000, America is an extremist system on the precarious edge of breakdown. The most well-known game in this oppressed world is the Transcontinental Road Race, where groups win focuses for logging the quickest time and for cutting over the most honest people on foot all the while. The current year’s rivals incorporate Frankenstein, played by David Carradine, who is reputed to be more machine than man, and the intense as-nails Assault rifle – Joe Viterbo, played by Sylvester Stallone. Some have an arrangement to stop the race.

49. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Bill played by Alex Winter and Ted played by Keanu Reeves are discretionary schoolmates beginning a band. Notwithstanding, they are going to bomb their history class, which surmises Ted would be sent to military school. They discover support from Rufus played by George Carlin, a pioneer from a future where their band is the establishment for an ideal society. With the utilization of Rufus’ time machine, Bill and Ted travel to different thinks reliably, coming back with basic figures to assist them with finishing their last history introduction.

48. 300

The film opens with the review of Leonidas as an infant, trailed by his entrance into the Agoge at age 7. His preliminaries in the Agoge are quickly addressed, displaying him fighting with other Spartan young men and by age 15 is disregarded out in the wild. It is suggested that the remainder of Sparta presumes him to be dead. It is now he’s stood up to by an enormous wolf and valiantly vanquishes it. He comes back to Sparta, asserting his sovereignty all the while. A long time later, Sparta is drawn closer by an emissary and his watchmen who cautions of the looming annihilation of Sparta by Xerxes and his Romanian armed force.

47. Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

Charlie Bucket lives on the edges of town with his destitution stricken family: his folks and every one of the four grandparents. Every day on his approach to class, Charlie passes the best and greatest chocolate production line on the planet, run by the shrouded Willy Wonka. At the point when Charlie’s dad loses his employment, things go from terrible to more regrettable. Grandpa Joe discloses to Charlie that previously, contenders took Wonka’s treat making mysteries, and the production line shut down. Afterward, the manufacturing plant continued creation, yet nobody was ever observed entering or leaving. At some point, Wonka declares that he has shrouded brilliant tickets in five Wonka chocolate bars, with the prize of a voyage through the processing plant and a lifetime supply of Wonka items for every kid who finds a ticket. Wonka-madness circles the globe, and individually four of the tickets are found. Charlie discovers cash standing out of a snowbank and gets himself two Wonka chocolate bars; the second contains the last brilliant ticket.

46. Hardcore Henry

A man awakens in a Moscow research facility to discover that he’s been brought resurrected as a half-human, half-mechanical crossover. With no memory of his previous life, a lady who professes to be his significant other reveals to him that his name is Henry. Before she can enact his voice, equipped hooligans storm in and abduct her. As Henry begins to comprehend his new capacities, he leaves on a wicked frenzy through the city to spare his mate from an insane person played by Danila Kozlovsky who intends to demolish the world.

45. This Is Spinal Tap

This Is Spinal Tap sparkles a light on the independent universe of a metal band attempting to get back on the graphs, including everything from its confused history of good and bad times, gold collections, name changes and undersold show dates, alongside the full host of essential groupies, advertisers, holders on and antiquarians, sessions, discharge occasions and those exceptional in the background minutes that keep everything genuine.

44. Pan’s Labyrinth

It’s the year 1944 and the Allies have attacked Nazi-held Europe. In Spain, a group of warriors are sent to a remote woods to flush out the dissidents. They are driven by Capitan Vidal, a killing cruel person, and with him are his new spouse Carmen and her girl from a past marriage, eleven-year-old Ofelia. Ofelia witnesses her stepfather’s cruel fierceness and is brought into Pan’s Labyrinth, an enchanted universe of legendary creatures.

43. Brazil

Low-level official Sam Lowry played by Jonathan Pryce gets away from the tedium of his everyday life through a common fantasy of himself as an ethical legend sparing a delightful maid. Researching a case that prompted the unjust capture and inevitable passing of an honest man rather than needed psychological oppressor Harry Tuttle played by Robert De Niro, he meets the lady from his fantasy played by Kim Greist, and in attempting to help her gets trapped in a snare of mixed up personalities, careless administration and untruths.

42. Dodgeball

Regular person’s Gym and its proprietor, Peter La Fleur played by Vince Vaughn, are both down on their karma. An extravagant contending rec center called Globo-Gym, run by the twisted wellbeing nut White Goodman played by Ben Stiller, is going to make Average Joe’s bankrupt except if Peter can raise $50,000 to keep his home loan. To spare the rec center, Peter and a ragtag gathering of Average Joe’s individuals and representatives participate in a dodgeball challenge with a major money prize. Accordingly, White structures his very own Globo-Gym group to defeat the challenge.

41. The Lego Movie

Emmet played by Chris Pratt, a customary LEGO puppet who consistently adheres to the guidelines, is erroneously distinguished as the Special – a remarkable being and the way to sparing the world. He winds up drafted into a cooperation of outsiders who are set for stop an insidious dictator’s played by Will Ferrell plans to overcome the world. Tragically for Emmet, he is pitifully – and divertingly – caught off guard for such an errand, however he’ll give it his everything in any case

40. Blade Runner

Deckard played by Harrison Ford is constrained by the police Boss played by M. Emmet Walsh to proceed with his old occupation as Replicant Hunter. His task: dispense with four got away Replicants from the settlements who have come back to Earth. Prior to beginning the activity, Deckard goes to the Tyrell Corporation and he meets Rachel played by Sean Young, a Replicant young lady he experiences passionate feelings for.

39. The Fifth Element

In the 23rd century, a New York City cabbie, Korben Dallas played by Bruce Willis, finds the destiny of the world in his grasp when Leeloo played by Milla Jovovich falls into his taxi. As the exemplification of the fifth part, Leeloo needs to get together with the other four to prevent the progressing toward Great Evil from beating the world. Together with Father Vito Cornelius played by Ian Holm and senseless supporter Ruby Rhod played by Chris Tucker, Dallas must preliminary of fitness and duration and the gigantic industrialist Zorg played by Gary Oldman to spare humankind.

38. Reefer Madness

Secondary school head Dr. Alfred Carroll played by Josef Forte identifies with a group of people of guardians that pot can effectsly affect youngsters. In his story, a medication provider tempts a few anxious teenagers, including sister and sibling Mary played by Dorothy Short and Jimmy Lane played by Warren McCollum and Mary’s sweetheart, Bill played by Kenneth Craig, into frequenting a reefer house. Continuously, Bill and Jimmy are brought into smoking dope, which influences their family lives and prompts a horrendous wrongdoing.

37. Speed Racer

Naturally introduced to a privately-run company of race vehicles, Speed Racer played by Emile Hirsch is one of the track’s hot stars. Sitting in the driver’s seat of his Mach 5, he reliably flattens the challenge. At the point when Speed diverts down an idea from the head of Royalton Industries, he reveals a mystery. Ground-breaking magnates rig the races to help benefits. Planning to beat the official, Speed enters the equivalent challenging cross-country race that executed his sibling.

36. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

In this old-school cult movie, darlings Brad played by Barry Bostwick and Janet played by Susan Sarandon, stayed with a punctured tire during a tempest, find the spooky manor of Dr. Straightforward N-Furter played by Tim Curry, a transvestite researcher. As their guiltlessness is lost, Brad and Janet meet a houseful of wild characters, including a shaking biker played by Meat Loaf and a dreadful head servant played by Richard O’Brien. Through expound moves and rock melodies, Frank-N-Furter reveals his most recent creation: a solid man named Rough.

35. The Fountain

A man played by Hugh Jackman goes through time on a journey for eternality and to spare the lady played by Rachel Weisz he adores. As a sixteenth century conquistador, Tomas looks for the amazing Fountain of Youth. As a present-day researcher, he frantically battles to fix the malignancy that is killing his better half. At long last, as a 26th-century space traveler in profound space, Tom starts to get a handle on the secrets of life, love and passing.

34. Better Off Dead

Path Meyer played by John Cusack is a teenager with an impossible to miss family and a peculiar obsession with his sweetheart, Beth played by Amanda Wyss. At the point when Beth dumps Lane, he chooses to slaughter himself, making blundering endeavors at suicide. Outside of his sullen undertakings, Lane invests energy with his weirdo mate, Charles played by Curtis Armstrong, and becomes a close acquaintence with Monique played by Diane Franklin, a meeting French understudy. In the long run, Lane takes steps to race Beth’s upsetting new lover on the ski slants, with startling outcomes.

33. Napoleon Dynamite

In community Preston, Idaho, ungainly teenager Napoleon Dynamite played by Jon Heder experiences difficulty fitting in. After his grandma is harmed in a mishap, his life is exacerbated in any event, when his oddly nostalgic uncle, Rico played by Jon Gries, shows at watch out for him. With no place of refuge at home or at school, Napoleon becomes a close acquaintence with the new child, Pedro played by Efren Ramirez, a bleak Hispanic kid who talks minimal English. Together the two dispatch a crusade to run for class president.

32. Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Stacy Hamilton played by Jennifer Jason Leigh is a pretty, however unpracticed, teenager keen on dating. Offered guidance by her uninhibited companion, Linda Barrett played by Phoebe Cates, Stacy gets caught in an adoration triangle with pleasant person Mark Ratner played by Brian Backer and his increasingly guaranteed pal Mike Damone played by Robert Romanus. In the interim, Stacy’s schoolmate Jeff Spicoli played by Sean Penn, who lives for surfing and being stoned, goes head to head against Mr. Hand played by Ray Walston, an exacting instructor who lacks the capacity to deal with the loafer’s tricks.

31. Army Of Darkness

Ash is moved back to medieval days, where he is caught by the feared Lord Arthur. Helped by the fatal cutting apparatus that has become his solitary companion, Ash is sent on a dangerous strategic recoup the Book of the Dead, an incredible tome that enables its proprietor to call a multitude of demons.

30. Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

Pee-small Herman played by Paul Reubens, an unpredictable youngster like man, adores his red bike and won’t offer it to his jealous neighbor, Francis played by Mark Holton. While Pee-small visits his companion Dottie played by Elizabeth Daily, the bicycle is taken. Thinking his bicycle is at the Alamo, Pee-small sets off out traveling, where he meets numerous exceptional individuals, including server Simone played by Diane Salinger and a bike posse. In the long run, Pee-small finds that his bicycle is being utilized in a motion picture and attempts to recoup it.

29. Zoolander

Pushed to the highest point of the style world by a photogenic look he calls Blue Steel, idiotic male model Derek Zoolander played by Ben Stiller believes he has a fourth back to back win as Male Model of the Year taken care of. In any case, when his adversary, Hansel played by Owen Wilson, suddenly takes the crown, Derek is squashed. He turns out to be simple prey for style planner Jacobim Mugatu played by Will Ferrell, who signs Derek to star in his Derelicte design show, at that point mentally programs him to slaughter Malaysia’s executive.

28. John Wick

Incredible professional killer John Wick played by Keanu Reeves resigned from his brutal vocation in the wake of wedding the adoration for his life. Her abrupt passing leaves John in profound grieving. At the point when cruel mobster Iosef Tarasov played by Alfie Allen and his hooligans take John’s prized vehicle and slaughter the young doggie that was a last blessing from his significant other, John releases the callous executing machine inside and looks for retaliation. In the interim, Iosef’s dad played by Michael Nyqvist – John’s previous associate – puts an immense abundance on John’s head.

27. Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny

Performers JB played by Jack Black and KG played by Kyle Gass start a companionship that could prompt the development of the best musical gang on the planet. To make that fantasy materialize, the equitable team set out on a mission to locate an amazing guitar pick that has heavenly powers.

26. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller played by Matthew Broderick has an uncanny expertise at playing hooky and pulling off it. Planning to make one final duck-out before graduation, Ferris phones in debilitated, gets a Ferrari, and leaves on a one-day venture through the avenues of Chicago. On Ferris’ path is secondary school head Rooney played by Jeffrey Jones, resolved to get him in the demonstration.

25. Big Trouble In Little China

Kurt Russell plays hard-bubbled truck driver Jack Burton, who gets trapped in an unusual clash inside, and underneath, San Francisco’s Chinatown. An antiquated Chinese ruler and Chinatown wrongdoing master has grabbed an excellent green-looked at lady, who is the fiancee to Jack’s closest companion. Jack must assistance his companion salvage the young lady before the malevolence Lo Pan utilizes her to break the antiquated revile that keeps him a fleshless and godlike soul.

24. Blazing Saddles

In this sarcastic interpretation of Westerns, cunning railroad specialist Bart played by Cleavon Little turns into the main dark sheriff of Rock Ridge, an outskirts town going to be decimated so as to clear a path for another railroad. At first, the individuals of Rock Ridge harbor a racial predisposition toward their new pioneer. Nonetheless, they warm to him subsequent to understanding that Bart and his ceaselessly alcoholic gunfighter companion played by Gene Wilder are the main guard against a rush of hooligans sent to free the town of its populace.

23. Caddyshack

Danny Noonan played by Michael O’Keefe, a teenager down on his karma, fills in as a caddy at the braggart invaded Bushwood Country Club to fund-raise for his advanced degree. While trying to pick up votes in favor of a school grant held for caddies, Noonan volunteers to caddy for an unmistakable and persuasive club part played by Ted Knight. In the interim, Danny battles to get ready for the high weight Caddy Day golf competition while engrossing New Age guidance from affluent golf master Ty Webb played by Chevy Chase.

22. Airplane

This satire parody takes shots at the large number of catastrophe motion pictures that were discharged during the 70s. At the point when the travelers and team of a fly are weakened because of food contamination, a rebel pilot with a drinking issue must help out his ex-went attendant to carry the plane to a protected landing.

21. A Clockwork Orange 

In an England of things to come, Alex played by Malcolm McDowell and his Droogs go through their evenings getting high at the Korova Milkbar before leaving on a tad bit of the old ultraviolence, while cheerfully chattering Singin’ in the Rain. After he’s imprisoned for pummeling the Cat Lady to death, Alex submits to conduct change method to procure his opportunity; he’s molded to detest viciousness. Come back to the world exposed, Alex turns into the casualty of his earlier exploited people.

20. The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

Arthur Dent played by Martin Freeman is attempting to keep his home from being bulldozed when his companion Ford Prefect played by Mos Def whisks him into space. It turns out Ford is an outsider who has recently spared Arthur from Earth’s all out demolition. Passage acquaints Arthur with his horde companions, including many-headed President Zaphod Beeblebrox played by Sam Rockwell and hot outcast Trillian played by Zooey Deschanel. Arthur advances over the stars while looking for the significance of life, or something near it.

19. Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Down-on-his-karma private detective Eddie Valiant played by Bob Hoskins gets procured via animation maker R.K. Maroon played by Alan Tilvern to research an infidelity embarrassment including Jessica Rabbit played by Kathleen Turner, the sultry spouse of Maroon’s greatest star, Roger Rabbit played by Charles Fleischer. Be that as it may, when Marvin Acme played by Stubby Kaye, Jessica’s supposed lover and the proprietor of Toontown, is discovered killed, the terrible Judge Doom played by Christopher Lloyd promises to get and crush Roger.

18. Heavy Metal

Experiences from profound space to cutting edge New York, and past. Every world and story is overwhelmed by the nearness of the Loch’nar – the aggregate of all wrongs show as a sparkling green circle whose power contaminates all occasions, all universes, all measurements. To a few, it shows up as fortune, a green gem they should have. Others revere it as a divine being. Scarcely any break it. Indeed, even in death and through death its forces proceed. From war to war and world to world it appears to be strong.

17. The Princess Bride

A fantasy experience about an excellent young lady and her one genuine affection. He should locate her after a long detachment and spare her. They should fight the shades of malice of the legendary realm of Florin to be brought together with one another. In view of the William Goldman epic The Princess Bride which earned its own steadfast group of spectators.

16. Monty Python & The Holy Grail

A comedic send-up of the troubling conditions of the Middle Ages as recounted through the narrative of King Arthur and encircled by a cutting edge murder examination. At the point when the legendary lord of the Britons drives his knights on a mission for the Holy Grail, they face a wide cluster of repulsions, including a persevering Black Knight, a three-headed goliath, a framework of growth tested knights, the risky Castle Anthrax, an incredible hare, a place of virgins, and a bunch of discourteous Frenchmen.

15. Friday

It’s Friday and Craig Jones played by Ice Cube has quite recently gotten terminated for taking cardboard boxes. To exacerbate the situation, lease is expected, he detests his tyrannical sweetheart, Joi played by Paula Jai Parker, and his closest companion, Smokey played by Chris Tucker, owes the neighbourhood street weed dealer cash – and that is all before lunch. As the hours delay, Jones and Smokey experience the array of urban life, complete with crackheads, shoot-outs and excessively sexual ministers, amassed into one single, fantastic Friday.

14. Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

Geeky bookkeeper Harold played by John Cho and his powerful companion, Kumar played by Kal Penn, get stoned sitting in front of the TV and end up completely entranced by a business for White Castle. Persuaded there must be one close by, the two set out on a late-night odyssey that brings them profound into New Jersey. Some way or another, the young men figure out how to cross paths with rednecks, cops and even a vehicle taking Neil Patrick Harris before getting anyplace close to their adored sliders.

13. 2001: A Space Odyssey

An impressive dark structure gives an association between the past and the future in this cryptic adjustment of a short story by respected science fiction creator Arthur C. Clarke. When Dr. Dave Bowman played by Keir Dullea and different space explorers are sent on a baffling crucial, ship’s PC framework, HAL, starts to show progressively weird conduct, paving the way to a strained standoff among man and machine that outcomes in a mind-twisting trek through reality.

12. Ted

At the point when John Bennett played by Mark Wahlberg was a young man, he made a desire that Ted played by Seth MacFarlane, his adored teddy bear, would wake up. After thirty years, obscene Ted is as yet John’s consistent buddy, a lot to the mortification of Lori played by Mila Kunis, John’s sweetheart. In spite of the fact that Lori’s dismay is exacerbated by the pair’s steady utilization of brew and weed, she’s not the person who’s generally disillusioned with John; it might take the intercession of John’s childhood toy to assist him with growing up finally.

11. Up In Smoke

A jobless pot-smoking good-for-nothing drummer, Anthony Stoner played by Tommy Chong trench his exacting guardians and takes off, in the long run gathering related soul Pedro de Pacas played by Cheech Marin. While the stoner team is before long captured for ownership of ganja, Anthony and Pedro get discharged on a detail, enabling them to proceed with their numerous misfortunes and eventually contend in a musical crew challenge, where they play out the rambunctious tune Earache My Eye.

10. Dazed & Confused

This transitioning film pursues the commotion of gathering of rambunctious young people in Austin, Texas, commending the most recent day of secondary school in 1976. The graduating class sets out toward a famous pool lobby and joins an off the cuff barrel party, anyway star football player Randall Pink Floyd played by Jason London has vowed to concentrate on the title game and refrain from celebrating. In the interim, the approaching rookies attempt to abstain from being hazed by the seniors, most outstandingly the vicious domineering jerk Fred O’Bannion played by Ben Affleck.

9. Oblivion

In the year 2077, Jack Harper played by Tom Cruise fills in as a security repairman on an Earth left unfilled and crushed after a war with outsiders. Jack has two weeks left before his strategic and he joins his kindred survivors on a faraway settlement. Nonetheless, Jack’s idea of reality comes slamming down after he saves an excellent outsider played by Olga Kurylenko from a brought down shuttle. The lady’s appearance triggers a chain of occasions that comes full circle in Jack’s about solitary fight to spare humanity.

8. Dude, Where’s My Car

Jesse and Chester, two blundering stoners, get up one morning from a night of celebrating and can’t recollect where they left their vehicle, which prompts them on an adventure to discover it. En route, they experience an assortment of individuals who incorporate their irate lady friends Wilma and Wanda whose house they destroyed, a furious road pack, and a transsexual stripper nagging them for a bag loaded with taken cash.

7. Fight Club

A discouraged man played by Edward Norton experiencing a sleeping disorder meets an odd cleanser sales rep named Tyler Durden played by Brad Pitt and before long winds up living in his messy house after his ideal condo is demolished. The two exhausted men structure an underground club with severe guidelines and battle other men who are tired of their everyday lives. Their ideal association conflicts when Marla played by Helena Bonham Carter, an individual care group crasher, stands out for Tyler.

6. The Big Lebowski

Jeff The Dude Leboswki is confused with Jeffrey Lebowski, who is The Big Lebowski. Which clarifies why he’s messed up and has his valuable floor covering peed on. Looking for reward, The Dude finds his namesake, who extends to him an employment opportunity. His better half has been captured and he needs a dependable bagman. Helped and ruined by his buddies Walter Sobchak, a Vietnam vet, and Donny, ace of ineptitude.

5. We’re The Millers

Pot seller David played by Jason Sudeikis learns the most difficult way possible that horrible deed goes unpunished; attempting to support a few teenagers, he is bounced by hooligans and loses his money and reserve. Presently, David’s in huge obligation to his provider and – to start from scratch – he should go to Mexico to get the person’s most recent shipment. To achieve his strategic, devises a secure arrangement: He packs a phony family into an immense RV and heads south of the fringe for a wild end of the week that makes certain to end with a blast.

4. Neighbors

Unexperienced parents Mac played by Seth Rogen and Kelly played by Rose Byrne move to suburbia when they respect a newborn child little girl into their lives. All works out in a good way for the couple, until the Delta Psi Beta organization moves in nearby. Macintosh and Kelly would prefer not to appear to be uncool, and they attempt their best to coexist with fraternity president Teddy played by Zac Efron and the remainder of the folks. Be that as it may, when the couple at last call the cops during an especially rowdy fraternity party, a full-scale war ejects.

3. Get Him To The Greek

A yearning official at a record organization, Aaron Green played by Jonah Hill gets what resembles a simple task: He should accompany British stone legend Aldous Snow played by Russell Brand to L.A’s. Greek Theater for the principal stop on a rewarding rebound show visit. Day off, has various plans. Learning his genuine romance is in California, the rocker promises to win her back before beginning the visit, compelling Aaron to dismantle out every one of the stops to get Snow in front of an audience in time.

2. Blockers

Julie, Kayla and Sam are three secondary school seniors who make an agreement to lose their virginity on prom night. Lisa, Mitchell and Hunter are three overprotective guardians who flip out when they get some answers concerning their little girls’ arrangements. They before long unite for a wild and confused journey to prevent the young ladies from wrapping everything up – regardless of what the expense.

1. Pineapple Express

Stoner Dale Denton’s played by Seth Rogen satisfaction in an uncommon strain of weed may demonstrate deadly when he drops his insect in a frenzy in the wake of seeing a homicide. After discovering that the extravagant weed can be followed back to them, Dale and his seller played by James Franco go on the lam, with a risky medication master played by Gary Cole and warped cop played by Rosie Perez hot on their heels.

Well, that’s our top 50 must watch movies, you’d like to just toke a bong, or hit a joint over the weekend and watch with your friends. So just chill and relax as you make every weekend a memorable one with your smoke sessions as you witness the hilarity, and entertainment in these 50 must movies to watch when you are stoned as hell. Make sure you stock up on a lot of munchies!


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