Mr. Peanut Gets Resurrected In The Superbowl Ad


Superbowl just has a way of getting the creative juices flowing in all the brands. They just come up with interesting ways to promote their brand. Starting from Rocket Mortgage literally stripping Jason Momoa to the bare minimum to now Planters resurrecting their beloved mascot in a different form.

To those who don’t know in an ad that aired a few days ago, Mr. Peanut met with a brutal accident while saving his friends Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes. The ad literally broke hearts all over the world as everyone went in to mourning for the 104 year old mascot. The worst thing is that the accident happened on Nutmobile.

When asked the creatives said that they got the idea out of the reactions fans gave to the death of characters like Iron Man, Black Widow and even Queen Daenerys, and yes I will use Queen because she was one (don’t argue me on this).

Mike Pierantozzi, group creative director of VaynerMedia, said when explaining the decision to kill off Mr. Peanut. “It’s such a strange phenomenon. We did the unthinkable: we created a program and an idea where Mr. Peanut dies, and dies specifically sacrificing himself for his friends, which has always been a tenet of who he is and what he does — he always puts others first.”

Well they were successful as all those instances broke our hearts so did this.

During the funeral in the second quarter of Superbowl- everyone from Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes to Fellow mascots, Kool-Aid Man and Mr. Clean were sad. As Welsey Snipes is delivering his eulogy Kool Aid Man’s tear falls on the grave and Baby Peanut is birthed. Trust me there was no dry eye in the room.

After making a varied amount of noises Baby Peanut final reveals that he is back as Mr. Peanut. The figure was eerily inspired by Baby Yoda.

The social media handle of Mr. Peanut was changed to Estate of Mr. Peanut and then finally became Baby Nut.

Mr. Peanut is the advertising logo and mascot of Planters, an American snack-food company and division of Kraft Heinz based in Chicago, Illinois.



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