10 Gorgeous Morena Baccarin a.k.a Deadpool’s Girlfriend Photos Will Prepare You For The Bad-Ass Sequel


Italian genes, birth in Brazil, a mother who is a popular actress in Brazil and upbringing in New York, Morena Baccarin has all the right ingredients that go into making a drop-dead gorgeous woman. No wonder, a simple mention of the actress delights millions of hearts all over the world. The 38-year-old actress first got into the public eye with her portrayal of Inara Serra in Firefly, a show directed by Joss Whedon where she played the character of a highly sophisticated, socially respected and compassionate 26 century hybrid of a geisha and a female escort.

Her delightful looks, enchanting body and eyes that could seduce you silently won the hearts of a large number of fans. Between then and now, she has been a part of various sci-fi and superhero projects and also has given her voice to three DC characters in animation movies. 2014 onwards, Morena Baccarin has been playing the character of Dr. Leslie Thompkins, a young, talented and righteous physician working at the dreadful Arkham Asylum. The good thing for her is that she met the demoted Detective Gordon at the Asylum and developed an admiration for the way he fights corruption prevalent in Gotham.

Their characters have a great deal of romantic chemistry which is greatly enhanced by the fact that they also fell in love in real life when they met on the show’s set and are now living a happily married life with a two year old daughter. Morena also has a four year old son from her previous marriage and she won his custody after a long and bitter legal battle that ended last year. However, what made Morena’s hotness become a global phenomenon is her portrayal of Vanessa in the Deadpool movie. T

he hot love-making scene that her character of Wade Wilson’s girl-friend had with the hero has fans all over the world craving for more. The fans will soon get another dose of Morena Baccarin when Deadpool 2 hits the theaters on May 18.

To build up the heat, we present to you ten captivating and hot photos of Morena Baccarin. Go feast your eyes!

1. There is nothing hotter than a red hot Morena

Morena Baccarin Hot

2.  If this smile doesn’t make you fall in love, nothing will.

Morena Baccarin Cleavage


3. Waiting for tonight? Morena seems to be in the mood

Morena Baccarin Sexy

4. Hot in black and pensive, quite a seductive cocktail

Morena Baccarin Bikini


5. Game for a backseat ride?

Morena Baccarin Feet

6. if looks could kill, you’d be dead by now

Morena Baccarin Deadpool Sexy

7. There is no way you won’t crave for Morena

Morena Baccarin Hot Pictures

8. Elegance and curves, Morena has got it all

Morena Baccarin hottie look

9. Are you eyeing me?

Morena Baccarin Ass

10. The diva who will keep you sleepless at nights

Morena Baccarin Pink Dress


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