Morbius Features Raimi’s Spiderman


Sony aced the franchise game before anybody. They had a trilogy before anyone even thought about it. So in a way they have monopoly over it and are ready to take it back. Sony wanted to create a franchise out of their Spiderman before Marvel or DC, but their plans were cut short by Raimi. For years fans have argued whether it was the correct decision or not. Though Raimi created and conceptualised the universe, but with the leaps DC and Marvel took and the disappointment that the Spiderman reboot was, the decision became a huge source of debate.

But seems like finally Sony has this Universe thing down years after its mega successful trilogy. They embarked on their own universe with 2018’s Venom which was extremely successful considering the fact that it didn’t have the MCU stamp and was based on a character that wasn’t a proper superhero to begin with.

But the fact that it wasn’t connected to MCU is what confused a lot of fans. At that time even no Sony had a working relation with Disney. They already had the first Spiderman movie starring Tom Holland out with their collaboration. And Disney will literally eat up any superhero movie there is. Then why? Seems like the new Morbius is providing answers. The new Morbius features a Spiderman poster asking about the hero’s whereabouts, goes with the plot of last Spidey movie right? Well wrong because there is significant hint that it is not Tom Holland but Tobey McGuire as the Daily Bugle logo that accompanied the ad was of Raimi’s trilogy.

The only thing that stopped the McGuire trilogy was Raimi. It was hugely profitable. And Raimi is sort of back in the superhero world taking the director spot in Doctor Strange sequel. And one of the most popular Spiderman arcs is the Multiverse arc and literally everything is pointing towards it.


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