This Is What The Millennium Falcon’s Detachable Ship From Solo A Star Wars Story Looks Like


A large section of fans was bewildered when the first look of the Millennium Falcon from Solo: A Star Wars Story was revealed, and they found out that the Falcon had a complete nose instead of the classic ‘prongs.’ As is clarified now, the film will give an explanation about how the Falcon came to be that way, and the reason is that its nose is detachable. Courtesy Bandai, we have got a great look at the way the ship detaches.

You can check out these images of their soon to be launched model kit:

Whether it is a detachable smaller ship or a cargo hold, we will find that what remains is the iconic Falcon, trade a new satellite dish and a few plates, and you will have the fabled Falcon which we have all known and loved over the years.

The premise of a smaller detachable ship piggy-backing on a much bigger ship is not new to the Star Wars. In fact, there was a Falcon style ship called the Ghost in Star Wars Rebels, and it nestled a tiny ship which could attach/detach to the main ship. The smaller ship was called the Phantom.

It is not yet known as to how Han lost that front segment of the Falcon, but, some fans have theorized that this would be full of cargo belonging to Jabba the Hutt, and that’s the reason behind the confrontation with Greedo about ‘dropping cargo at the first sign of trouble.”

This new take on the Falcon is amazing, and we are excited to see it in motion in Solo: A Star Wars Story releasing on May 25.


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