6 Times The MCU Fans Had Crazy Theories And They Actually Came To Pass


Marvel Studios has managed to entertain us with blockbuster after blockbuster of superhero movies from 2008’s Iron Man to this year’s Infinity War. Each movie expands on the Marvel world introducing exciting new characters.

The Marvel universe entwines all these characters together and is widely known among Marvel fans as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With its rich storyline, fans can’t help but discuss and analyse its narrative details resulting in theories on what happens next for our beloved characters.

While these theories should be taken with a grain of salt, some of them turn out to be right.

In this article we discuss 6 cleverly thought-out fan theories that actually turned out to be true in subsequent MCU films.

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In Avengers: Infinity War we see our heroes battle Thanos as he attempts to attain each of the six Infinity Stones to wipe out half of the universe.

The Infinity Stones essentially control different aspects of the universe, including time, space, and reality. They are hidden all over the galaxy. When it came to the Time Stone, fans theorized that Doctor Strange’s amulet – The Eye of Agamotto – may house the Time stone, as it had the same color as the amulet’s glow. The theory turned out to be true as Strange gave up his precious Stone to Thanos by the end of the film.


Stan Lee’s cameos have always been looked forward to by fans during the Marvel movies – and, like their post-credit scenes have become an essential part of every film. Fans had come up with the theory that the veteran Marvel writer may be playing the same character named Uatu who belongs in the all-knowing ancient race of The Watchers. In the scene, Stan Lee is seen on a planet during Yondu and Rocket’s jump-gate sequence, telling a group of Watchers of his experience as a FedEx agent during the events of Captain America: Civil War.

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While this proves that Stan Lee is, the same character in every movie – it also proves that the man is not a Watcher. However he is credited as a “Watcher Informant” in the credits of Guardians 2.


In Iron Man 2, there was a scene in which a Hammer Drone stands in front of a young boy dressed in Iron Man gear, ready to fire from one of its shoulder guns. The kid lifts up a costume-armoured hand in an attempt to face off the drone before Tony swoops in and destroys it in time. He gives the startled boy a “Nice work, kid!”, before flying off into the distance. The child’s face was never revealed in the film, though fans came up with theory that he could have very well been a young Peter Parker. At the same time, Peter also lives in Queens and with further research, fans also noticed that Peter’s age and the timeline makes sense.

In an interview , Tom Holland actually confirmed the popular theory, saying that he thought it would be a “good story”.


The Quantum Realm is a dimension that Scott Lang enters by shrinking down to a subatomic scale.

The Quantum Realm, however, seemed a like a concept that had a lot more in store for the MCU.  A popular theory stated that Ant-Man was laying the foundation for Doctor Strange’s movie.

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Once Doctor Strange released the following year, some fans were quick to point out a scene where Stephen Strange plunges into a series of different dimensions, with one of these being the mysterious Quantum Realm.

After confirmation from Scott Derrickson himself, this theory proved to be true.


Red Skull is the monstrous villain seen in Captain America: The First Avenger. Red Skull is the result of an accident of the Super Soldier Serum. His real name was Johann Schmidt. At the end of the movie, we see him picking up the Tesseract and getting consumed by the Stone’s energy. Fans believed Red Skull was dead until he made a surprise appearance in Infinity War.  The bald, red-faced villain was found by Thanos and Gamora on the barren planet of Vormir, where he had taken it upon himself to become the guardian of the Soul Stone.

It was a rather strange change of character from an antagonist who brandished brawn and brutality to a dark-cloaked Stonekeeper.

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In Infinity War, the audience were deeply anguished over the loss of all their favourite Marvel heroes. From Loki to Black Panther to the Guardians of the Galaxy except for Rocket Raccoon and hardly any of our on-screen protagonists were spared by the snap of Thanos’ finger. Thankfully, the plot was generous enough to wipe out only half of the Marvel universe, leaving us still with a handful of important superheroes, including the original band of Avengers like Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk and Captain America and a couple of Wakandans.

While this Marvel event came as a massive shock to many, there were quite a few fans who saw this tragedy coming for a long time.

One fan in particular pointed out that with Marvel “boasting” about the stakes being high in their biggest MCU film, and including all of the characters that had been introduced so far – it’s a rather likely outcome that many will “meet their maker”. On top of that, the trailers that had already leaked a few scenes showed some of our heroes defeated in battle like Vision.

The fan hoped that maybe one character would be able to swipe the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos and reverse the damage. But alas, the actual ending of the movie left us with a tear jerking cliffhanger of a finale.


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