Massive Spoilers – 13 Major MCU Characters Who DIED In Avengers: Infinity War


Marvel has finally released its latest movie which brings together almost all the heroes in the MCU-Avengers: Infinity War. Ever since the movie had been announced, fans were guessing who will survive and who would meet their ends.

A few guesses were right and other were VERY wrong.

Yes, it was very sad to see a few of our favorite characters die in the movie. But with a villain like Thanos, death is inevitable.

Thanos is on a journey to collect all the six Infinity Stones, and he will go to any length to complete the Gauntlet. He was even ready to sacrifice the soul of the one person he loved to get the Soul Stone.

As we all entered the theatre, we prepared ourselves to see a few deaths. We did not know who was going to die, but we knew there would be casualties. The Infinity War is a huge battle of the heroes against the Mad Titan, and in a battle so big, characters are bound to die.

Here is a list of casualties in the movie.

1- Heimdall

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2- Loki

3- Gamora

4- Vision

5- Winter Soldier

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6- Falcon 

7- Groot

8- Scarlet Witch

9- Black Panther

10- Drax, Mantis, and Star-Lord

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11- Doctor Strange

12- Spider-Man

13- Maria Hill and Nick Fury


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