MCU: 25 Incredibly Funny Behind-The-Scenes Marvel Photos That Will Change The Way You Look At The Movies


While movies are one of our favorite modes of entertainment now, during the childhood, comic books had a lot of importance. Everyone wants to become a superhero. In fact, most of the comic book fans would recall wearing towel capes and zipping through the air (just by stretching the arms forward and running full-speed while making weird sounds). The truth is, superheroes ruled our fancy and at some or the other times we all wondered whether they were real (there would be plenty of kids who believed in them because we do believe in Santa Claus, don’t we?).

With the advancement of movie making and evolution of computer graphics, the superhero sagas started trickling on to the big and small screen in live-action form. For the last ten years, Marvel Cinematic Universe has been totally dominating the box office. Over and over again, we have been mesmerized by the futuristic movie magic that Marvel Studios has created (we think, some of it might actually be sheer magic). It is normal for a Marvel Cinematic Universe film to cost anywhere between $100 million and $300 million. In fact, Avengers: Age of Ultron cost $365 million and the latest Avengers: Infinity War had a budget of almost $400 million. However, the tricks employed by Marvel are quite weird. In fact, you might be surprised to see how some scenes look without the elaborate backdrops, CGI magic, and transformations.

Do you ever wonder how do the MCU characters fly? How do they manage to choreograph huge battle scenes on regular New York City streets? How is Doctor Strange able to create those portals? How do the CGI character battles appear so realistic? Above all what do the stars do doing breaks? To sum it up, it is a great deal of green screen, motion capture suits, fancy acrobatics, and wires suspending a person in mid-air. So get ready to have a look at the behind-the-scenes side of MCU, which, we warn you, is a totally different world.

25. Two Actors, One Mutant

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24. 1995 Called, They Want Their Antialiasing Back

23. Didn’t Know There Was This Much Green In The Marvel Universe

22. Director’s Tutorial On Stage Combat

21. Size Matters

20. I Am Groot

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19. Now You’re Thinking With Portals

18. Taking Out Bad Guys In His Sleep

17. The Gang’s All Here

16. A Most Brutal Sneak Attack

15. Like A Scene Out Of Braveheart

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14. Tony And Josh Bro-Ing It Up 

13. Even Heroes Need Lunch Breaks

12. Lunch Break’s Over

11. All Those Curls Finally Paying Off

10. Free Fallin’

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9. Poor Hawkeye

8.  Why Do We Even Need Actors

7. Rock, Papers, Scissors, Hammer, Fist

6. Is This Your Background?!

5. Stranger Than Fiction

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4. Marvel’s Comedic Gem

3. The Gunn Brothers

2. Spoiler Alert

1. Handsome Devil


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