15 Actors Whose MCU Dreams Won’t Ever Meet Disney’s Approval


There are a lot of benefits in being associated with Disney. We are sure that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has reaped a lot of benefits from the iconic studio. Agreed that Marvel Studios has a great deal of independence in its operations, but, Disney is the ultimate owner and Disney’s opinion matters the most regarding the significant decisions such as casting. Throughout the years, there have been numerous rumors about MCU, some of which would have been fascinating if true, while others, fortunately, remained rumors.

However, irrespective of the rumors and campaigning by some actors, Marvel has a shortlist of candidates that it resorts to for any role. Quite often, there might be the same actors as rumoured. However, there are actors that Marvel steadily avoids. They might be the ones that Disney doesn’t want to do anything with? Let’s have a look at 15 such actors and why Disney wants to stay away from them?


During the days of Iron-Man 2’s production Black Widow’s debut was announced and Eliza Dushku launched a full-on campaign for the role, right from the outset. However, she wasn’t selected, not for Black Widow and not even for any other MCU role ever. Maybe she is on Disney’s blacklist for some reason.

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Shailene Woodley is famous for her work in Fault In Our Stars and Divergent franchise. However, her 2016 movie Allegiant bombed and was criticized as well, compelling her to move to TV and she is now starring on HBO’s Big Little Lies. Her life could have been vastly different had she played Mary Jane in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a role she was cast to play. However, Marvel took over Spider-Man and Woodley’s scene was deleted. She has not been asked by Marvel to play M.J. or any other character again.


Armie Hammer has been a part of various superhero rumors, but, has never played any and reportedly Marvel has never shown any interest in him. Armie Hammer has been known for his poor choice of words on Twitter and has cultivated an undesirable reputation. That’s why he doesn’t seem to be the sort of actor that Disney would want to feature in MCU.


Andrew Garfield has the unfortunate reputation of being the worst portrayal of Spider-Man ever. His Amazing Spider-Man series had two sequels left when Marvel re-acquired the rights to the character and Sony scrapped the sequels. Tom Holland became the new Spider-Man, and there is no likelihood of Disney offering any other role to Andrew Garfield.


Despite the fact that Nicolas Cage was once in almost every movie poster, now he is mostly a regular feature in funny memes. It is often debated that he has always been a highly over-rated actor who starred in tearjerkers or terrible action movies such as Ghost Rider. While Cage would love to jump onto the MCU bandwagon, we don’t think Disney would want that ever.


When MCU announced Captain Marvel, various actresses threw their hats in the ring, and the former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey was the most vocal of them. Despite Kevin Feige saying that she would have been an interesting pick, they chose Brie Larson. Probably an Academy Award Winner had the upper hand in Disney’s considerations.

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John Travolta and controversy go hand in hand. While his personal shenanigans haven’t always caused his career turmoils, they are the root cause of Travolta’s eventual failure. He is accused of even pushing his religious beliefs in a few of his films, which upset a lot of people  in Hollywood. Eventually, Travolta is not the guy who is likely to work for Disney.


Hailed as one of the brightest young Hollywood stars, Lohan fell apart after the number of arrests on DUI and possession charges in 2006. Her career was damaged, and despite her recent attempts, the glory will never be restored. Lohan felt inspired by Robert Downey Jr. who had a similar track before MCU revived him, and she even tried getting the role of Scarlett Witch, but, failed. The thing is, it is not just her past, but, her behaviour is not much better even now.


Jensen Ackles has a very good reputation, but, the Supernatural star can blame only himself for ruining any prospects of being featured in MCU. Back in the day when Marvel was casting Avengers, Ackles auditioned for Captain America, but, when he failed to get the role, he took it very hard and when he was offered Hawkeye, he refused citing scheduling conflicts (there were none when he was gunning for Captain America’s part). No wonder, Ackles and Disney are not going to be on the same side ever.


While Gibson was once a reputed and in-demand actor his foul-mouthed nature and skirmishes with law brought him down. While Gibson claimed that Marvel had approached him to play Odin, the King of Asgard in Thor, neither Marvel nor Disney commented on it which makes us doubt of the validity of his statement. One thing is sure that Disney is not going to seek someone like Mel Gibson ever.


Everyone knows that Tom Cruise was the top choice to play Tony Stark and he had been attached to the role since early 1990s. However, more than a decade later when Marvel approached Cruise with the role for Iron-Man, Cruise had a change of mind and he let the offer pass. All that was before Disney hadn’t bought over Marvel and now courtesy of Tom Cruise’s private life and his association with the Church of Scientology, Disney won’t ever consider him.

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The huge success of MCU has made everyone want join it. Among such names is the Twilight star Kristen Stewart who expressed her wish to appear alongside Captain America. Despite her attempts to woo Disney, the Mouse House is unlikely to consider her for an MCU role.


If there could ever be a ‘self-destruct’ coach, it has to be Katherine Heigl. She earned big money from Grey’s Anatomy and then went on to criticize the film by terming it “sexist.” No matter whether she loves the fact or not, the truth is, she is unlikely to be seen in MCU.


Charlie Sheen’s terrible behaviour saw him getting thrown out of the sitcom Two and a Half Men in 2011. He is nothing like what Disney would ever consider, and although in the past he wanted to play Spidey, the years have long passed him by, and now Disney won’t give him any kind of role.


Shia LaBeouf made it big courtesy of the Disney Channel series, Even Stevens. He went on to star in films like Holes, Transformers and Indiana Jones, but, his behaviour remained doubtful and he was even arrested for trespassing when he was 21. Various arrests, questions about his mental balance and a number of offensive and abusive remarks have ensured Disney’s casting list won’t ever have Shia LaBeouf’s name on it.


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