The Relationship Between He-Man & Skeletor In The Masters of the Universe Reboot Is Shocking


It seems like the new information about Sony’s Masters of the Universe film has been revealed, and the character breakdowns seem to suggest that He-Man and Skeletor are brothers. It has been a bumpy road for the He-Man film, but it now seems like things are falling into place.

It had been announced that Aaron and Adam Nee would direct the project and the script will be by David S. Goyer. Goyer is sticking around for executive producing the movie also.

In the original comics, Skeletor was the brother of King Randor, and this made him Prince Adam’s uncle. The new report claims that King Randor has two sons, Adam, and Keldor.

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Keldor is Skeletor’s name, and they will be siblings. Orko will “be reimagined as a small man who has self-doubts which hold him back from being a good wizard.”

Orko provided comic relief in the stories, and it now seems like he may be doing the same in the movie.

Duncan, Man-At-Arms, will be in Masters of the Universe and his character information seems to be the same as the comics. Teela will be the romantic interest of He-Man.

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Zodak has been described as “the King’s Minister of Technology and the right-hand man.” It seems like he may be a mentor to Prince Adam. Stratos is involved in this film as “the leader of the Sky Guards of the Iron Gate Prison on Avion where Skeletor and his crew are imprisoned at one point.”

Skeletor will be joined by Evil Lyn, Beast Man, and Trap Jaw as the villains in the movie. We must note that none of the information has been confirmed by anyone close to this project. More information regarding the Masters of the Universe movie will start dropping as the production date approaches nearer.


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