MASH Actress Kellye Nakahara Dies After A Battle Of Cancer


In this era of technology we have the means and the methods to watch and witness anything we want to, no matter how old. Therefore series like Friends, Will and Grace and Roseanne has gained and maintained its popularity so many years after itsinception. Another classic series which has somewhat maintained its popularity even now is MASH. MASH was a unique show of its era and had a one of a kind impact that no show will ever have. The show literally still maintains the highest viewership for a finale ever. Even though way less people had Television sets during that time. New York plumbing system reported a huge breakdown as people literally attacked it after the end of the finale.

One of the most iconic characters of that show was Lt. Nurse Kellye. She was iconic in the sense that she was one of the first few Asian characters too appear on television who was stereotyped in a particular way. An article came about this issue in recent years which became viral and prompted an interview with the actress herself where she revealed that people still send her mails about her portrayal, how it was so inspiring. Typical portrayals of Asian characters like that in Breakfast at Tiffany’s was hugely popular. So to have such an Asian figure who literally felt close at home was precious to the Asian Americans of that time.

Unfortunately we lost the portrayer of such an important character recently. Kellye Nakahara, breathed her last on February 16 at her home in Pasadena after a short but bravely fought battle with cancer.

Nakahara was born in Hawaii and did not set out to be an actress but an artist, a passion which she continued even after finding success as an actor. She created various artworks as well as sold watercolour painttings. Her artwork named The Gardens of Pasadena is indefinitely loaned to California.


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